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oh spring

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Oh spring, I know you are here but you play the worst tricks on me. Just when the weather is beautiful and life is returning, I wake up to dark skies and rumbles of thunder. In the twenty minutes it takes for me to get from one morning stop to the next those warm summer breezes that leave me so filled with hope are exchanged for soaking wet feet and prickly goose bumps covering my body. 

It's no secret that here in the South we love our warm summers, even if we complain that the sweat and mosquitoes are going to be the death of us. 

On days like today though, I long for that warm wash of heat to cover me as I walk out the door. Today, I could have just crawled back in bed or snuggled up to watch tv all. day. long. but that just doesn't fly when you are a working mama. Bags have to be packed, diapers changed, breakfast fed and oh yeah you are supposed to be dressed half way decent for work. Some days it just gets the best of me and leaving the little boy clinging to my leg is heart wrenching. 

Then there's something like this, perfect for a day like today:
“What is the kingdom of God like? And to what shall I compare it? It is like a grain of mustard seed that a man took and sowed in his garden, and it grew and became a tree, and the birds of the air made nests in its branches.”
God created all things for us because he loves us. He makes the winter and the summer. He brings the rain and the temperature. Everything comes full circle and the smallest of the small becomes great. So, just as the mustard seed grows into a tree that brings life and a home, the rain brings growth and new life. It's God's way of helping us to appreciate the comfortable because we have experienced the uncomfortable. 

And as the longing for home makes me appreciate the time I do get with Jonah at home. Even if it is just sitting around the old kitchen table at MeMe's house eating snacks and looking for squirrels or hanging out at NaNas a little while in the evening so I can relive his day before our night time routine has to start.

Soon the season will change for good and we'll be charging through his second summer soaking up with sun as much as we can, but that also means he'll be closer and closer to two and I just don't want to wish the days away anymore.

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  1. I love the hand and toes! Great features to catch at that age!

  2. Love the hands, they are so beautiful.


  3. So so adorable! Up here in New England anything warmer than 85 is too hot! So funny how we see summer all over the country!

  4. Great capture of a sweet moment in your little one's life. They change every day, don't they?

  5. HE is just darn adorable and so is your it.

  6. Sweet little hands, toes and hair.

    Visiting from Little Things. xo

  7. Great post! I hear you. I am so ready for Spring and Summer weather to get here and stay, but like you said, I really shouldn't wish the time away.

  8. Such sweet little toes. Terrific photos, I love the black and whites.

  9. I needed this right now! I'm so stressed this morning with nothing "going right". I needed to remember that God brings all seasons and situations. Need to take comfort there. These images are so cute. Love the details. Wishing you lots of warm moments this summer with your sweet boy.

  10. Lovely picture. love the focus on the hands and feet.

  11. There's nothing better than little piggy toes! Love the details in that first shot too :o) Great set of pics!


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