The Wilde Olive Blog: The Egg Hunt.


The Egg Hunt.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Sunday it rained. hard. but then the sun came out and even though it was super wet these kiddos got to hunt some eggs at my parents house. My little man doesn't really "get" the whoe egg hunt or that they are really eggs. They are basically "basketballs" that open and sometimes have food inside. He specifically asks me for  "cookies" when I'm opening one which is obviously my fault for putting angry bird graham crackers in some of the ones he opened at home. 

During the hunt, he pretty much picked up a few then found the basketball one and the soccer ball one and carried them around. What more does a little boy need?

To get my niece, Emma, to look at me I kept saying show my your egg or show me your pretty basket. I guess I'm going to need a new plan there. How DO you photograph a busy 3 year old's face? 

Is it reallly spring yet? We also had a very busy saturday with easter activities, it was so beautiful, so more egg photos to come! If you missed my first Easter post you can find it here and look at Jonah from last Easter here. omy what a baby! I miss that wittle bitty guy..


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