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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I'm about a week and half late, but time has just not been on my side lately. Writing this post has been on my mind so much this week but I just couldn't get to it. I've been going over and over in my mind the things I would write to describe Jonah at 18 months and so many things come to mind that I will probably not get to list all of them here, but I'm going to try. Also, how gorgeous is this light? I photographed Jonah on his "half birthday" April 19th in our neighborhood after work and found this beautiful but just ordinary spot. Wesley helped me and capturing back light isn't easy when you're new at it, but I think he captured the memories of me and my boy beautifully! 

Now, what can I say about this toddler who is just growing up too quickly? He is 24 pounds, 30 1/2 inches of pure boy.

He's certainly talkative

He can say almost anything you ask him to repeat and repeat things you may not want him to say. His favorite words and the ones I think we hear the most are "basetball go" (basketball goal - you must add the goal?), "No" (usually followed by no no no no), "Uh huuuh" he never says yes or yeah - just uh huh, Waas dat? (what's that), I want mo (more), nack (snack), bye bye, mulk (milk) he calls every drink milk unless you are specifically talking about juice and the other day he told me "I want coke", cack eyed (outside), beash (beach) ball, yellow (not sure how he actually pronounces it but it's pretty close), book, wead (read), wivin woom (living room), I want down, big truck, tractor, I pee pee. He can also say almost everyone in our family's name except Aunt Andrea and we are pretty sure he just calls her "that".  His favorite people to say are Ben man (Benjamin) and Jude. Always. He really can say or try to say anything if he wants to. IF he wants to. When you ask him to say something for someone  he goes mute, but run into a stranger in the grocery store and he's all "hey" or yells "bye bye" to our neighbors from across the street.

He of course says mommy and daddy all the time. Mostly prefaced by "where's" or "I want". He loves to have us both with him at the same time doing the same thing. He, just in the past week, has started demanding that we sit down. "Mommy sit dooowwwn". I guess this is a wonderful thing and a great reminder to stop doing and just be with him.

Nature Boy

He loves outside and is not afraid of nature. He loves to dig, pick up sticks, pick flowers and bring them to mommy, going on walks, looking for kitties around the neighborhood, and just getting dirty in general. On Earth Day, he harvested worms with NaNa to take to the children's garden at the library and did not miss a beat. He got a little nervous when they started wiggling a lot, but we actually had to rescue a few worms before he "loved" them too much.

He watches squirrels and looks for birds in the sky. He even spotted some bats flying over my parent's house one night. crreeepy.

Opinionated for sure. 

We are still encouraging the potty but he says no a lot now when you ask him if he needs to go. It will be a work in progress for a while I guess.

He has begun to show some preference in clothing choices lately (which kind of scares me), but he usually will put something on if you talk it up and show him what it is. He has taken a liking to a pair of crocs handed down from my nephew. They really are cute on though.

He still gets in the bed with us at some point about 5 nights a week. It is usually in the early morning hours and I'm really completely fine with it. I love when he wakes up and pats me saying mommy. It makes it soo hard to get out of bed though!

A bit of a Dare Devil.

He runs everywhere. He rarely just walks.

He started jumping in the past week or so. Both feet off the ground.

He still loves to dance and wrestle with daddy.

He loves to climb - chairs, couches, beds, over people. He has turned a wooden noah's ark into a stool to see out the window.

But oh so loving

He gives the best hugs and kisses. More often than not now I get a lip smack.

He just walks up to his cousins and just holds on to them so tight!

Maybe it's because he's constantly hugged and kissed but you just can't help yourself with this one, he can be just so sweet. I will take every second I get to hold him because it already isn't long. If I get a head on the shoulder - you can forget it - I'm not going anywhere.

He's growing so fast and learning so much, but I still see me little baby in there. When he just wants to rock or will sit on the swing and just swing like we did every night last summer. He's still there even if it only comes in spurts.

Happy Eighteen Months Jonah Man. You are the best boy a mama could ask for! ever.

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  1. Wow, these are amazing girlie! Sweet little family and yummy light! I love his little outfit as well :)!

  2. Aw, so sweet! I love the crying photo. It keeps it real, knowing that yes, they are all sweet one moment and than crying the next. And they are just adorable!

    1. I just couldn't resist that crying photo! He didn't want his daddy to put him down - so the happy pictures are actually AFTER the crying picture when he finally got over it.

  3. These pictures are so great! He is such a cutie and I love his outfit! I can't believe how well he is talking. Jackson loves being outside too! Happy 18 months Jonah!


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