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Jonah goes to MeMe's

Monday, June 3, 2013

Summer is in full swing and instead of things slowing down and giving us a little extra time to relax, it actually feels like things have been going at warp speed. How is it June? I think I missed May. 

Two weeks ago Jonah was pretty ill for almost a whole week. I feel like I disappeared for at least 3 days. Which is fine because my baby needed me and let's be honest I needed him. Even though it can make you a little weary, insisting that I hold him on the "coush" (couch) is something I take fulll advantage of. Especially, the week right before he left me for 4 whole days to stay with his grandparents in Starkville. 

I have been away from him for one or two nights at a time, but I have never been home without him for even a night since he was born. So, I was nervous. I knew he'd be fine because he loves that MeMe something fierce, but my little still fairly new mama heart skipped a few beats when he left. 

I drown myself in editing and sewing projects and kept up the late nights getting things done. 

As for how Jonah did, perfect. That MeMe did not disappoint. He went to a lake to see boats before he even settled in. I heard he talked all the way to Starkville about the big trucks and boats he wanted to see on the road. I also heard Uncle Lance got a ball to the back of the head a few times from the back seat.

MeMe & Jonah, Uncle Lance feeding J Tater Tots, & Starkville Fire Station

By day two he'd played his little heart out, gone to see MiMaw a few times and met the firemen and got a tour of this Big Fire Truck ("whoo whoo whoo" as jonah would say). 

Eupora Lake, Beagle Bagle, & we got wesley's parents a skype cam for mother's day so they could talk to jonah - fortunately it works the other way too! 
bird/squirrel watching is a favorite past time from MeMe's Kitchen Table

He'd also had plenty of treats I'm sure and played outside until his heart was content or it was way to late to be outside. I'm sure there was a bathtub full of dirt and and a floor full of water.

He was missed by his mommy and daddy but we were so happy that he was happy. It was nice to be a little lazier in the mornings, but it was much nicer to have him home! He was so wound up Friday night when he got home that I think he had several time outs and cried himself to sleep. It was just all too much! 


also, I'm positive he grew a foot while away.

Most of these photos are courtesy of MeMe, Poppie and Uncle Lance's iPhone! They know me well and sent them right on over!

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  1. Aww, thats great that he had so much fun!

  2. Aw, what a sweet post! I know what you mean about being away from your little one! I haven't been away from my baby for that long. When I am, I go through major withdrawal! It sounds like he had a fantastic time though and these pictures are all too sweet and adorable!


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