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Kicking Off Summer!

Friday, June 7, 2013

I do realize that two weeks have almost past since memorial day weekend but I planned on playing a little catch up this week, then as always life gets in the way of the best laid plans. I wound up having to have some dental work done this week the kind that starts with pain, feels better, then oops here comes more pain! So here I am finally going to posting the bits and pieces I captured from our long Memorial Day Weekend.

With Jonah sick the week before and spilling over into the weekend, we really didn't plan to do much. Except for Wesley to work on the house (we are still working on repairs from a massive the hail storm a couple of months ago - it's kind of a slow process). We wound up having some friends over to our neighborhood park for a patriotic concert. The concert was fine. It really just provided background for us to chat, eat bbq, and play with the babies. These things don't happen nearly enough.

Concert in the Park : Belhaven Park 2013
Once we ate and settled I wanted to hold my our new little friend Landon, but Jonah had other ideas. He didn't get upset, but literally tried to pick Landon up out of my arms. Hilarious and just a little scary, so I made Wesley sit and hold Jonah so that he could hold Landon. He loved it. Then, he wanted Daddy just to hold him and proceeded to stand up, baby still in lap.

On Monday, we attended a Memorial Day Celebration with some family. It was a large crowd and there was lots of mingling and talking and playing with the kiddos, so I only got a few phone shots of very few of the kiddos that were actually there! There were many, many kids! It was a lot of fun and we were absolutely stuffed afterwards.

cousin jude and jonah - playing trains 
jonah, cousin laurel and our friend anna! 

 and of course we were bid farewell by lovely Princess Laurel. She was a magnificent host!

For a little something extra, I thought I'd add a little Friday night dance party for your viewing pleasure. Please excuse the messy kitchen and diapered baby - pjs are a constant battle these days and i'd rather just dance instead.

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