The Wilde Olive Blog: The Colors of Summer {free printable}


The Colors of Summer {free printable}

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

My heart starts to thump thump a little when the bright green of spring leaves begin to replace the bare branches of winter's trees. The energy building in my soul absolutely soars when my brain begins to register that what was once barren and fruitless is alive again and multiplying. With it comes the yellow stain of pollen and the worry of infections and heads that just won't clear, but if it means summer is on its way, I wouldn't trade it for clearest of days in the midst of winter. 

I want the sun to touch me. I love the feeling of a steamy walk early in the morning. It reminds me of early mornings in my grandparent's garden and afternoons in the sprinkler.

Then you start to see it, the hues that mean summer is here and in full swing. The vibrant blue of the summer sky, the deep green of pecan leaves, neon nail polish, multi-colored swim suits and the bright bright summer sun that just makes it all more vibrant and real.

I crave color and water and meals outside. Ice cream and sno cones and sea food - oh my! The little toes and naked bums and hair going blonder by the day.

Then comes the squeals and screams of laughter and mischief, the clothes that are soaked before your able to get in a suit, and then the need for just a few more hours before bedtime that you know you'll regret but just can't help it! Then the dirty baths and refusal to come indoors. Your plans fall through because you'd rather just go with the flow for a few more smiles.

Oh summer you have my heart. Your colors speak straight to my soul. I wish I could bottle them up and take them with me all year long.

click image for a 5x7 printable version - feel free to pin the above image. 
photos: jonah at nineteen and half months, my neice and nephew Emma and Benjamin all in my sister's backyard two weekends ago. all photos were taken with my iPhone 4S (
who needs a 5 or my dslr for that matter)

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  1. These are great photos! I love the printable too! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I remember those days, mine are too big for those little pools now



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