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Twenty Months {Jonah}

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Last week, Jonah hit the twenty month mark.  He’s so much closer to two than one now and its showing. When I look at him, I almost see a little boy and not the little baby that he once was. I see the gears in his brain ticking and turning, taking things in, processing and understanding. He surprises us daily with the simple little things he can just do now.  

 Physically, he’s changed so much over the past few months and right now I think he’s going through a little growth spurt that will soon turn into a height spurt. His cheeks are looking a little extra chubby these days and he pretty much wants snacks all day long. I’m not worried though because the kid is super active. He runs circles around you just out of excitement, can throw a ball about five thousand times without getting tired, climbs on everything and loves to dance and jump. He also request to walk around our block nearly every evening, sometimes more than once.

Emotionally, we’ve seen some big changes also. He’s a mommyholic these days, which has left me in tears while driving to work on more than one occasion lately. This may be a little more circumstantial seeing as our routine has been way off for the past month.

He’s had so many new experiences though that will be the foundation for fond childhood memories. He spent almost a week with MeMe and Poppie, started a Mother’s Morning Out program (which for us is really a daddy’s morning out – since he goes on the day daddy usually stays home with him), he went to bible school with NaNa and then he stayed home with Daddy for half a week and mommy for the other half (bye bye vacation time)! That’s life in Summertime I guess and part of growing up a little, it’s just hard on this mommy’s heart. He loves going places and being social, he just wants us to stay there with him ( We often hear things like this before the crying starts: “mommy sit down” “mommy play” “ daddy sit down” ).

Mentally, like I said above, he’s always ticking away learning and absorbing everything around him. His language skills baffle us every day. Monday night he said about 5 different phrases Wesley had not heard him say because he'd been outside and not around him for about 4 days.

He picks things up pretty quickly and is a great copycat. He wants to do things by himself and is determined he can. This is how he learned to put his Crocs on by himself and is working on other shoes as well. He has gone through a little phase of not wanting to dress or undress. I was a little worried for a couple of weeks there, but it's seemed to subside a bit with little rewards and distractions. It's so frustrating for me though but I try to remember - he's learning. So we've left the house in our pjs and no shoes several times lately to keep him sane.

Speaking of clothes, he's really into pockets and things he can put in his pockets like money. He loves money. I mostly just let him put a few coins in his pockets and he loves it! He loves to "organize" his diaper bag and my wallet.

He's known how to say most basic colors for a while now but he finally has started to identify them correctly he pointed out something blue correctly a few nights ago without me even asking him the color! He mostly just guesses a color and it's usually yellow.

We've been working on counting a little. For the past several months he would count with you but every number was "three" and I loved it. He'd point to objects in a book and say "three, three, three" using his little pointer finger! I hope I remember that forever. This weekend we were picking up toys and there was something on the floor and he said "two ____ " whatever it was and was right! These little moments are so rewarding. I feel like we've come to a point where I'm praising his smarts more than his physical abilities like I did for the first year and a half. . . but make no mistake the boy can throw a ball. look out folks!

Like always, he lights up our world and defines our days. We love him so much. Time please don't go to fast. I'm not ready for another birthday.

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  1. He is such a cutie! I especially love the 5th picture of him with his sad face! Too cute and such a great shot.

  2. what a doll... love these shots ;)


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