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Bungalow Beautiful: Just Mulch

Monday, July 8, 2013

I guess Monday's are turning into house progress update Mondays. Mostly because I have the itch to write something about our weekend, but because I was working on actual client photos this weekend, I didn't get the chance to go through our photos from the fourth. I will though...eventually. Hope you don't mind Fourth of July photos in November.

Tomorrow will mark the two year date as owners of our home! That's crazy. I took so many pictures in the beginning with the intention of posting, but I was kind of busy having a baby and all- so it never happened.

We had rain in the forecast all weekend and got a good dose on Friday evening. So, this led to no painting all weekend. Turned out it didn't rain a drop after Friday night, but it was sure cloudy most of the weekend - so whatayagonnado? We want to do this right the first time - hence the months the husband and now my dad have spent prepping the house - so we aren't taking any chances on wasting paint.

What we did decide to do is go ahead and start making the house look a little better again. Since we've been working on it this spring and rolling into summer - it has seemed kind of pointless to beautify in the gardening sense when there are falling paint chips, stray shingles, and a latter all about in the yard at any given point, BUT since we are so close - I said no more! The husband brought home some cedar mulch for the front yesterday and my little helper and I spread it around.

note: Jonah and I look so out of proportion to our house in these photos for some reason. The depth of the porch and flower bed look so shallow causing me to look the size of the front door - that is unfortunate for my self esteem. 

I also recovered the cushion and pillows for the porch swing, but I'm having some trouble with the pillows. I haven't decided the arrangement or which ones I like exactly - I have one that matches the cushion also. Just not perfect yet - so more on that another time - with real camera photos.

Hopefully my next "Bungalow Beautiful" post will include the perfect gray paint. A series maybe?

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