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Country Music, Hot Air Balloons & Fireworks

Friday, July 12, 2013

What more could you ask for on the Fourth of July? 
Throw and little family in and we were all set!

This year we decided to check out the balloon glow held in Ridgeland. I have never been but it's apparently  been going on for many years and I've just been missing out as you can tell by the thousands of people in attendance. There were a few country music acts and then a hot air balloon presentation and then a fireworks show. I was so excited to show the big balloons to Jonah and of course see them myself. They were always my favorite part of Sky Parade when that used to exist. I grew up very close to the airport where it was held and occasionally we'd have balloons taking off or landing VERY close to our house - so exciting!

 It got kind of late for the kids, there was a whole hour - hour and a half concert between the glow and the fireworks - so uncle Jonathan fed them ice cream and we all drank sweet tea (caffeinated - oh lawd) and they were craaazy. Thankfully the music was extremely loud and other people couldn't hear them screaming.

True story - after David Lee Murphy ended his set and before the Fireworks began - there was a sea of babies crying and children screaming. The fireworks quieted them down for the most part, but it was kind of validating nonetheless. Summers are made for missed bedtimes and grumpy babies just to make some extra special memories. Right? 

Jonah holds up my phone like this and walks around telling people to cheese. He is his mother's child. lol He even does this to our dog. "cheese ari" 

pictures of jonah and i were a no-go but you know why not post them anyway. 

before we went, I told jonah that there were going to be BIIIG balloons and fireworks that go "boom! Boom! Boom!" while throwing my hands up and doing an explosion motion. So after he got used to the fireworks going off and unattached from my leg, he started say "boom boom boom" and throwing his arms up. Wesley had no idea I taught him this, so it was obviously hilarious, I of course was in on the secret. 

A note on photographing this event as an attendee: I was totally unprepared, other than I brought my camera knowing I wanted to capture something! Next time, if we go again, I need to get there a little earlier to get a good spot closer to the balloons (however it is blocked off for the most part and there will always be people standing in front of them). I will take my tripod and people will think I'm more official and get out of my way perhaps! On the fireworks, closer seat, tripod and don't try to free hand it while holding a squiggly toddler. For a great how to and awesome photos of fireworks check out Sarah Halstead's blog and tips! 

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  1. Looks like a great time! Have a great weekend.

  2. Looks like you had an amazing time, I would love to go to one of the balloon shows one day


  3. I absolutely LOVE that picture of you and Jonah in black and white! Just beautiful :) And it looks like such a fun night!

  4. Great pics, looks like you had a great time! This was the first year we took both girls out for fireworks. They were overtired but it was worth it. They loved the fireworks too.


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