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House Progress

Monday, July 1, 2013

I always say I'm going to post pictures of the projects we do around our house and I never do it. I even sometimes take the pictures, but then...poof! time goes by and it never happens. So, maybe if I post these awful progress photos, I'll actually post the end result at some point. After all this is probably the biggest project we have taken on yet.

When we moved into our house we did some sprucing up outdoors (and much more than sprucing indoors). The property and just overall curb appeal needed some love and we provided. One thing we weren't able to do is paint. We would have loved to, but at the time we couldn't afford it and it wasn't really possible to just do touch ups. This house probably has been touched up 20 times but not actually painted in many many years. 

So when the hail storm hit, it did some damage to our weak paint and we just couldn't stand it anymore. The insurance company is paying to paint the back wall (along with the new roof, replaced window panes, and a few other odds and ends). Since you can't really just paint a back wall and call it a day on a house that is wood siding all the way around, my DIYing husband decided we'd save some money and do all the work ourselves (or himself I should say - I mostly just point and say when's the paint going up?).  

It's finally getting closer. Our house will look better than ever and we will get our daddy back, so we can play on the weekends! 

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