The Wilde Olive Blog: Pre-Party Planning for a TWO year old. what?


Pre-Party Planning for a TWO year old. what?

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

In just three months this dude will be turning two. Yep, it's true he'll be 21 months on Friday. I can't even believe it but it's happening so get  used to it Stephanie. Since early fall is always really busy, I've been thinking the past few weeks about starting to get ideas together for Jonah's birthday party in October. In my family, we really like to celebrate and look for any old excuse to plan a party. I'm not going to be renting big spaces or monster sized bounce houses (yet) but I am in for a good themed party that will make an impression and that I can feel proud to be the host of, but I'm hoping for a little less stress this year!

I have been pinning birthday ideas and inspiration for months just for fun, but over the past few weeks I narrowed my choices down. I want Jonah's party to reflect him and things he's into right now, but I know that this is probably the last year mommy gets to choose a theme. So I decided to forgo the sports theme and the big truck/tractor themes I was considering and go all in on Pirates! 

He does play with pirates toys and has some little pirate men that he loves! Also, I asked him if he wanted to have a pirate party and he excitedly said "pirate party" and that was really all I needed to search for the perfect inspiration. 

Here's a few things I found and fell in love with...
SOURCES: orange and aqua decor by  // map invitation by lemon and lavendar // table scape by  //  cupcake toppers by SKSikkema on Flickr

I am thinking more maps and anchors and aqua ocean blue over the swords and cross bones. Any ideas? Resources? Feel free to leave them in the comments! I can't wait to get planning, but I don't want to rush the next three months either! 

and just for fun, here's a photo of Jonah and I from his party last year! look at that little toothless one year old. 

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  1. I can't believe 2 is only 3 months away! :-( I love the ideas you've shared. A pirate party would be so cute! I've been thinking about party themes for Jackson's b-day party too and I'm leaning more towards a truck theme. He just loves cars and trucks so much right now. Can't wait to see your ideas and decorations. :-)


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