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these days.

Friday, July 19, 2013

This week I've been fighting a summer cold turned sinus infection and my head has just felt fuzzy. I feel like I start saying things and then I can't even remember where I was going with a sentence. That may also be from sleep deprivation, but when your head is all stuffed up, sleeping isn't really all that fun. I've started writing about a hundred times this week because I wanted to participate in Nicolette's Focus on Mom series and I just can't get the words to come together to form something like looks like a blog post. 

In spite of the fogginess, and a little grumpiness on my part, this has been a good week. Simple and slow at home - but filled with tasks none the less. I've been missing the walks with Wesley and Jonah at night so I can get a little something done in the house. It's nice to have the time, but the walks would be better. They'd be even better if everyone didn't come back sweaty and sticky and covered in bug spray, but that's the Mississippi summer for ya - bless our poor little hearts, right?

Today, Jonah turns twenty one months and these pictures were snapped by my husband a month ago today, but I never shared them because of their imperfections. I think I had him using a prime lens. Not the best idea obviously. Also, how white are my legs?! 

Never mind the imperfections though.. that's me flaws and all. This is what motherhood looks like these days and I'm okay with that because the smiles are real, the I love yous are cherished, and the blessings are tangible and as thick as the Mississippi air on a summer night. 

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  1. I hope you are feeling much better!

    Those are indeed sweet family moments to be cherished :)

  2. Imperfect pictures? Nah! No such thing when you take photos of the ones you love. :)

  3. Thanks so much for joining us even though you didn't feel well. These are such sweet shots. I also hesitate to post the ones that aren't "perfect" but sometimes they are the ones that capture the best moments. Hope you are feeling better.

  4. I think you are adorable! I've been dealing with the yucky summer cold, too. Hope you are over the worst.


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