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Educating my Toddler

Friday, August 23, 2013

At least once a week, my husband and I wander onto the topic of our son's education. We have weighed our options and measured the costs and stressed over what the heck to do about preschool. Jonah is an October baby, so he will inevitably be nearly the oldest child in his class, meaning he'll be nearly four before he can start K3. He's also a very smart child and catches on to things pretty quickly. He started talking early and pretty much went straight to sentences. Now, I'm not saying that he's smarter or more advanced than other children his age, but he's had every opportunity to blossom and develop and learn at his pace.Since he stays with my mom a majority of the time, he gets at least 1/3 of her attention. Having an older cousin to help him along and a younger cousin that learns from him has been invaluable over the past two years. So, we've decided that we aren't ready to give that up any time soon and are for the most part not changing that set up. Now, though, his older cousin is off to K3 everyday, leaving NaNa more time to be one on one with boys, who will be in the same "grade" when they start school.

However, this fall we've decided to take baby steps into the outside world of education settings. We enrolled Jonah in a Mother's Morning Out Program (which is part of a church preschool ministry) two mornings a week for this school year. It's pretty inexpensive and it's not quite like daycare. They have a plan and a schedule but most of their time is spent in free play. I'm hoping he'll learn to connect with his teachers and the other kids in his room while continuing to blossom and learn with NaNa and Benjamin in the home setting. 

This gives us a little time to think about next year. He'll still only be two though, so who knows. 

When did you start to formally educate your toddler?

Saturday evening I was taking K3 pictures of my neice and Jonah was our helper and model. You can see a preview of Emma's photos on my Gray Mornings Photography Facebook Page.

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  1. I think this sounds great Stephanie! MMO programs are so great. We started educating our first child at 2 1/2. We didn't have any formal programs we could join since we were living in Thailand at the time. I decided to just do what I could at home. My first child was pretty verbal and quick, so I made up my own letter of the week activities, and read to her. I did very very basic phonics. She started reading 3 letter words at 3. My boys were not nearly as ready as she. I took my time with them and waited for cues. By time my second child was preschool aged, we were back in the States and he went to a church preschool. I think the best thing to do is what works for your child and your family!


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