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Jonah: twenty two months

Thursday, August 22, 2013

On Monday, my baby boy turned 22 months! I know I kind of skip around with these monthly updates but it really is just a good excuse to post something all about the little man.

In just two short months he'll be two and he pretty much thinks he's the biggest boy ever! (except when it comes to the potty - we've totally regressed in the area). He has grown so much, but I have no clue what his actual stats are... I'll have to come back and update that later. He's doing all the little boy things two year olds do and I couldn't be more proud of him.

He still loves any sport that involves a ball. He'll shoot hoops on his little tikes goal saying "I miss it" or "I did it", then he'll put the ball down and ask me if he can kick it like a soccer ball and does. He likes baseball, but at this point wants us to hit the ball so he can chase it more than anything. He also loves his gold ball and clubs. With football season upon us now, I'm sure he'll be into that too!

He has recently entered into a big baby phase. He has identified the little boy doll I got him for his birthday "my woocus" Lucas, "my shog" a frog that my sister in law and jonah's cousins bought for him at the hospital gift shop when he was born and "my baby" a baby cabbage patch kid that was mine back in the 80's. He loves to rock them at bed time and wants to carry around all three at once - which I really need to get a picture of.

He talks pretty much nonstop at home, but can clam up really fast when others are around. Once he's comfortable though, he might even put on a show (song and dance included). The boy loves music and often tells me to turn it up or back on in the car! He has even been known to say "noooo I not like dat song" when it changes from a song he does like. His favorites - "Hey Jude" and "Cups Song". Yep he's as random as his mommy. He also loves to sing songs he learns from us and NaNa. Specifically, Hallelu Hallelu, Hallelujah Praise Ye the Lord (what's the actual name of that song?) IG video here, God Bless America, and Row Row Row your Boat.  He has also requested Jesus Loves Me and Pider (Itsy Bitsy Spider). Did I mention how much I love this kid?!

There is so much more to share, but I don't want to cram it all into one, so we may talk later about his obsession with mickey mouse, his love of telling me "No YOU do it!", and all the things he does that scare the crap out of me like jumping over me like he's flying on the bed. 

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