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Bungalow Beautiful: Home Tour: Living Room

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

We have lived in our house for two solid years now. I cannot even believe it. I had high hopes when we moved in of taking photos of EVERYTHING we did to it and posting them here with the awful before and the beautiful afters. Well, we moved in at the end of August and I had a baby in the middle of needless to say THAT did happen and I was delusional thinking it would. I have posted a tour of Jonah's nursery (which has changed a lot) and a little hall bathroom decor, so check those out!

This is our living room. In this room we play, sit and talk with guests,, watch TV, play some more, occasionally nap and just hang out. Our front door opens directly into the living room from the porch, but we mostly use the back entrance for coming and going since that's where we park. We spend a lot of time on our porch too, but it's not really our day to day main entrance. It is where we greet our guest much of the time though, so I really like it to be welcoming and comfortable.

We really need a new couch (like bad - dog holes) but it's really comfy so I'm not complaining too terribly much! Recently, I decided the wall behind the couch needed a more finished look and since my budget was nearly zero, I just did an update to the old mirror and added some prints from Etsy. I am thinking I may need to change the prints for Fall/Winter but I'm not sure to what. We literally have family photos on every other wall in our house, so I wanted something more like art. Tell me what you think.

Now what to do with these windows and above that TV. I have always said I would not have a TV over my fire place, but there you go. There's really no where else to put it. I feel like that wall needs a little something up high. During the holidays I hang wreaths and live swags on the windows which I love, but the rest of the year... I just can't figure out! 

Just a few weekends ago, I did take everything off the shelves and redid all my groupings. Which makes me really happy! You can see some of the redone groups below. You can also see Jonah has a few little nooks of his own in our living room. And we obviously have a dog rug. His name is Ari and to ask him to move out of the picture just isn't worth it...

I still have quite a few projects to work on in the room as you can tell, but I'm pretty happy with it's general appearance. It's always a work in progress. I'm working recovering the ottoman again (I shrunk the cover my mom made when we moved in) and I'd like a new couch as I said before. Probably something similar to the chair. I'd love to hear your ideas! 

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  1. Gorgeous! And those are absolutely beautiful hardwood floors! I just found your blog on A Sorta Fairytale! And I followed you like…..everywhere…sorry. ;)


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