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DIY Window Mirror Makeover!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

When we moved in two years ago, I hung this mirror above the couch because it was the biggest wall piece I owned. We moved from a loft with partial concrete walls, so I didn't really have that much hung. I bought it in Nashville at a sale probably five years ago. It has been hung in an entry way, over my dining room table, pack and moved with us three times and now it has a whole new life!

I love a gallery wall, but we don't really have any room in the budget for home decor. So, I decided that I'd get my window mirror, my white wall decor, and a great DIY project for the summer. 

  • If you don't have access to a saw at home go ahead and measure how long your trim pieces will need to be and have them cute them at Home depot or where ever you get your trim. 

    1. Tape off the glass. I used scotch blue and a garbage bag. It didn't stay very well. Newspaper and/or Frog Tape might work better or so I've heard. 
    2. Prime your mirror's frame if it's a dark color like mine. I just used white inexpensive spray paint that I already had from another project for the primer. 
    3. Paint your trim (both sides) and let all paint dry, check for needed second coat and dry completely.
    4. Measure your mirror and mark it off with a washable marker to figure out placement of your trim. Remember to take into account the width of the trim. The math is always the hardest part for me! 
    5. Cut trim, sand the ends a little if needed. 
    6. Do touch ups after cutting the trim for any exposed natural wood.
    7. Using your washable marker measure and draw your lines
    8. Using Liquid Nails glue your trim to the mirror. 
    9. Clean all excess glue using a razor blade
    10. Use touch up paint or caulk to fill in any areas that are showing though and to fill in spaces between trim.
    11. Make sure everything is good and dry and hang that mirror on the wall! Enjoy!

    I am really please how it turned out and am happy to have something new and more wall filling hanging in one of our favorite rooms! To see more of our living room check out this post. 

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    1. I love this!! You're totally making me want to jump up and go to Goodwill to see if I can find an old mirror. lol


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