The Wilde Olive Blog: Jonah and the Beach (Part 1)


Jonah and the Beach (Part 1)

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

I'm not sure where to start with sharing about our trip, I don't want to over share, but I do want to document what a wonderful time we had. I am also obsessed with some of the photos we were able to get, even with our planned photo day getting rained out for the most part.

I love so many of the photos I took on our planned "birthday shoot" with Jonah that I think I'm going to share them in two sets. I planned to take a photo of Jonah on the beach with a soft pirate-y feel to use for his birthday party invitations (because the party is pirate themed). I like to do double sided invites (5x7) so the photo side is a keepsake for our friends and family.

I kept saying I need a piece of drift wood from the beach and wanted to add a piece of white fabric to represent a sail (I didn't want it to look really like a ship - interpretive I guess). When my mom spotted this piece of wood on the private beach we took the water taxi to each day, it was perfect, so she stole it. Not really, but it felt like she was stealing since we had to take it back on the boat with us.

The look in this first set below wasn't exactly what I was going for. It's shorter than I think I wanted and the positioning wasn't great, but Jonah did so well, I wanted to show him off anyway. I love to just let him play and let his true personality shine through. He LOVED the beach and was excited anytime we said we were going down. I'm sure we'll be hearing about the beach for months to come!

There are some photos where I think the "sail" worked better. I may share those later in the week. Happy Wednesday (a little late)! 
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  1. So cute, and I love that last one so much!!

  2. He is precious, Stephanie! Love these.

  3. what a great idea...I have to say...the one where Jonah is bokeh with that very dramatic sky and the pirate sail is in the for front...caught my eye immediately. Beautiful Beach too.

  4. What an adorable idea for a portrait shoot...

  5. These photos are so good and so cute!!

  6. These are absolutely adorable! Love the idea of this kind of styled shoot.

  7. Such a happy, photogenic lil'' sweetie! Love your creativity with the props.
    Visiting from Little Things Thursday.


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