The Wilde Olive Blog: Tips for good photographs of children {Q&A}


Tips for good photographs of children {Q&A}

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Q asked by Circle of Mom's: What's a creative tip for taking good photographs of children?

A: Use a fast shutter speed and let them be kids!

For my own child, I like to put him a natural situation. We are going to do whatever it is (pick an activity i.e. picking up mock oranges)  and mommy just brought her camera along. Interacting with him as I normally would is key.

For clients, I like to learn their favorite songs, foods, and maybe a pets name or favorite cartoon. Then, if I'm having trouble getting a smile I can break out some "Twinkle Twinkle little hamburger" and surely I'll get a look if not a smile.

Okay, that answer was kind of short and sweet, so I'd like to elaborate a bit. I love shooting kids and 2013 has pretty much been filled with kids for me. I have to admit though, it's really hard work. I mean like, I'm typically sore the next day after a really active shoot (I should work out more obviously). So, just know that getting on the ground or climbing up on a park bench is all part of the fun.

Something you have to remember is what really matters is that we capture who they are and freeze them in that moment. That's what photography is all about for me. Taking a moment in time, whether your child just turned two and their really into trains or you just want to remember their little chubby fingers and toothless grin. 

It's not about a perfect pose or even getting a smile. It's about how the photo makes your feel. Get to know them and when they feel good the photos will be good. 

Also kids move fast, so that shutter speed is important. Here's a little cheat sheet by shotrockers!

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  1. Beautiful photos! I've learned throughout the years that sometimes the candid and unposed shots are the best. My mother, bless her heart, still stands by trying to make sure each shot is posed and the kids are always smiling. Although those are great too, I tend to lean towards the more natural shots.

  2. So I'm self-taught from tutorials and wonderful blogs like yours, if you have a fast shutter do you compensate for how dark that makes the photo? I've been off auto for a long time, but am finally just starting to get into 100% manual, not "aperture priority" mode.


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