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Bungalow Beautiful: In Home Studio Preview

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Sometimes there are things you think you just can't do. This blog, from the beginning has always been about pushing myself to make dreams a reality. Along the way, I have veered off that course and there have definitely been some bumps, but I'm here to say that I feel like my dreams are slowly being revealed into something more. Some days I feel like I can't do everything that I do on a daily basis and parts of my life start suffering. I have never felt balanced. ever. So, I just gave up on that. I am picking and choosing projects and trying to take on one BIG project at a time. This summer, it was sewing and our Handmade Street Fair booth. That went pretty well, but I don't know that we'll do it again.

This fall it's full steam ahead photography. I was still doing photography this summer, just simplifying what I took on. Of course, Fall is major photo season. So, I've scheduled nine Fall/Holiday sessions so far and am in the midst of editing and processing my first round and looking forward to more.

Part of making that photography dream come true for me is a small natural light studio right in my own home. I literally dreamed of this since buying our house two years ago. So, I decided that our front bedroom with the amazing morning light would become that space. As well as serve as a guest room and sewing room. I wanted it to be complete with newborn setup, sewing table, and still keep the bed for guests... it's only probably an 11x13 room. Yikes! Lately, I've been so inspired to make it happen though, so I did.

I want it to be a versatile place that I can utilize as I need it. This calls for a MAJOR amount of organization...which if I'm being honest is a little hard for me. When I had my first client in there, I was still using laundry baskets for some of the storage, but it worked. The photos turned out great. The lighting was perfect and you know what? That helps me to believe that I really can do this thing. Like for real. No. It forces me to acknowledge that I am doing this thing.

No going back now. 

More on the actual room when I find that perfect storage solution. Suggestions?

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  1. I find your blog refreshing & inspirational.
    happy halloween!


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