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Pirate Birthday Party

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Saturday we celebrated Jonah's birthday with friends and family, it was wonderful. I had so many ideas for his party and honestly some of them weren't finished, but I refused to let myself get overly stressed about it this year. He had a blast and that's all that matters. He's been singing happy birthday to random people since. A special thank you to my sister Andrea for helping me execute my last minute plans and my sister in law Lacey for lending me some awesome supplies! 

The Invitation: I created this invitation using clip art found here and arrows from irocksowhat. I saw an inspirational invitation done similar, but decided I would create me own again this year and I love how it turned out! I print through the lab I use for most of my photography business, so it was two sided with a beach photo of Jonah on the opposite side that my family can keep as a keep sake. 

The Food and Details: 

 We decided it would be best to keep all the food inside this year. Our backyard gets a lot of sun in the afternoon and that can be hard on cake and melty sweets. I used some Sarah Jane fabric to create a sail on the wall and as table coverings. I'm planning hoping to reuse the fabric and turn it into something for Jonah or to sell in our etsy shop. I used the same clip art mentioned above to create a few food signs and turned the drink dispensers into pirates. The mustaches are pumpkin decoration (thank you target Halloween section).

The cake/sweets:

 I used a modified version of Diva's Can Cook tutorial for the cake balls (thanks to a Facebook friend for suggesting it) and actually got compliments on their taste! I was pretty impressed with them for a first timer. Some were covered in toasted coconut and some were candy coated with sprinkles and pirate candy.

The cake on the otherhand was unfortunately thrown out. White cake = no egg yolk + high humidity = sticky crumbly cake. Saturday morning I headed to Kroger grabbed a plain coconut cake (and a few chocolate cupcakes) and just added some finishing touches. The blue icing and toasted coconut were my ocean and beach. We then just stuck a cake ball on the top and called it a boat! I added red candles for the wishing part.

Fish & Chips: Goldfish & Pita chips (with a side of hummus), Pirate's Gold: Cheese Squares, and Pirates Booty in tin buckets. You may have also seen Canon Balls: Whoppers, and Fruit Swords: grapes. Jonah now calls the whoppers "chocolate grapes"! haha!

The Birthday Boy!

Pirate Seersucker Jon Jon: Smockadot Kids & Monogrammed by a local store Lil Miss Sew and Sew. They did a great job! Mono font is Boyz R Gross.

Pirate Treasure Dig
Kids dug for treasure including Swedish Fish (in the package), gold beads, coins, and bubbles. They got to put them in a little burlap bag to take home!

We also had a pirate hook ring toss, beach balls, Walk the Plank board, dress like a pirate table, and a small photo booth set up. It was such a good day and fun themed party! I think we all had a great time. 

More details about the people and more fun stuff to come! Hope you enjoyed peeking at our party. Feel free to comment with questions about the details! 

Today we are off to Jonah's 2 year check up! I still can't believe he's two. Happy day Matey!

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  1. What an adorable party! The decorations were so cute!! :-)

  2. Amazing party, so well put together!

  3. What a great job you did! Everything is adorable. Looked like a fun party! I did a pirate party for my 2 year old too and it was so fun!


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