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Pumpkin Patch 2013

Monday, October 28, 2013

Mississippi, USA

I'd say this is the post that says we met our Fall Pumpkin Patch Post requirement, BUT this is so much more than that. You see this was actually Jonah's FIRST real trip to the Pumpkin Patch. Wesley and I had been to this Pumpkin Patch before - pre-Jonah - so it was a totally different experience.

Since Jonah's an October baby, we get kind of overwhelmed when Fall finally kicks in. Football games, the State Fair, Birthday Party, and all else that goes into welcoming the new season. Last year, his birthday party was "Pumpkin Patch" themed, so I didn't feel so bad not taking him to a real one, but this year, I just really wanted to go and for him to go. There's so much more to it than just getting a pumpkin - we already went to home depot to do that and to a pumpkins in the park decorating event. This experience is more about the Farm. There are animals, tractor/hay rides, Hay bales to climb on, corn boxes, rope swings, and of course getting to pick a pumpkin from the field. Though I'm fairly sure not all of these pumpkins are grown where we picked them...but I can't really be sure. ;)

Jonah loves this kind of thing. Lots of people to watch, things to see and do, he was well entertained. He's so quiet in public, you wouldn't know how much he talks, but he was set on two things: picking a "bittle bity one" (small pumpkin he can carry) and getting IN that big truck. Thankfully, I was able to distract him with a big jump off the hay (holding my hands of course) and finding him a pumpkin little enough, but letting Daddy carry it. What is it with kids and sitting on pumpkins? No one told him to sit on this pumpkin - he just did... so obviously I took his picture. Then his cousin Clark did the same thing. so funny.

At this particular farm, Nichols Boyd in Brandon, MS , they are really well organized even with 100s of people there at one time. They take you on the hayride in a fairly large group out to the pumpkin patch, doing a tour of their farm and the animals on the way but then they let you hang out, pick your pumpkin and play for a while before going back to the big crowd. You get the experience, but in a time limited, guided way. We were there probably right at two hours. We could have stayed in the Petting Zoo area a little longer, but decided just to check it out and go on home since it was past nap time. No pressure and really pretty inexpensive. We will most likely be back next year!

It's so much fun to start new traditions when you have a kid. It's like getting to relive my childhood. Though, I'm not sure I ever remember going to a pumpkin patch as a kid. Mom? what's up with that? ;)

What are your Fall traditions? Did you visit a Pumpkin Patch or carve pumpkins at home? 

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  1. Gorgeous pictures! Our "pumpkin" patch sucks. They put the pumpkins away for the week days, I'm always so jealous of all these great pics in the fall!


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