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5K Run/Walk Confession

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Friday a neighborhood friend called and asked if Jonah and I wanted to walk a 5K with her and her daughter on Saturday morning. My response - 'sure. sounds like fun! where do I register?' Later, I start to realize I had just agreed to walk while pushing a stroller for over three miles in our very hill filled neighborhood.

If I'm being really honest, I was pretty sure I was going to embarrass myself. Exercise and I have been estranged for quite sometime. I'm not horribly out of shape, but enough to start thinking of ways to get out of this. Unfortunately, I couldn't think of thing. So I just made it known that I was probably going to have to be carried back home afterwards.

So, I showed up on the sidewalk in front of my house at about 7:30 with waters and snacks for the kid. I found myself a little relieved when my walking partner brought a mug of coffee and breakfast sandwiches. I thought maybe I was going to be okay. We walked down to the park, got our numbers, and lined up with the rest of the walkers. . . in the back. The way way back. I knew from where we saw volunteers on our walk down that we had a long way to go, but thankfully, we were in our own neighborhood and could easily find our way if we needed to take a break.

We may have taken a short cut or two (and were totally honest with the time keepers at the end) but by the time you add back in the distance from our homes to the park and back, we actually walked over five kilometers. I was pretty proud. I know it's just walking but I was so unprepared it's just sad.

I also wound up in a bouncy house and climbing a giant blow up slide with a two year old on my hip. It really was a lot of fun and we got to support a good cause.

The whole experience makes me realize that I like using my body for physical activity. I mentioned last week that I danced for a Halloween skit and I actually enjoy that type of thing. It's just the motivation for me is just not there. I really need to do better.

How do you get or stay motivated to exercise and what is your game plan when it comes to making time for it? 

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