The Wilde Olive Blog: What do you do with the terrible twos?


What do you do with the terrible twos?

Friday, November 22, 2013

Over the past few days, we have been really struggling, more accurately wrestling...with a two year old. A two year old who is dealing with some BIG emotions.

I get it. Life is confusing. You want what you want and it's hard to hear no. I get that some days you just want to wear a diaper and that's all. I get wanting to stay in your pajamas all day. I get wanting to lazily watch television and have someone else read you books all day. I empathize with not wanting to brush your teeth or get in or out of the bath tub.. it really is just too much trouble. 

I get wanting to eat junk food whenever you want and requesting an entirely different meal when you aren't pleased with the first one. I get wanting to just haul off and smack someone when they say something you are not entirely please with. I get that you don't really want to ride across town strapped in a car. I know it would be much more fun to just drive the car yourself. I empathize with wanting a BIG cup filled to the brim with the tasty liquid of your choice. I get wanting to snack on candy while waiting on dinner. Honestly, I do.

What I don't get is, when you are exhausted, you just get faster and more wiggly. In the mornings you absolutely do not want to go to school, but when you come home you want to go back. You have a whole plate of food identical to mine yet you climb on the table to get a bite off my plate. It just seems like a lot of extra work. When I move something, you want it back in it's place, yet you are perfectly content to have to step over your toys to get to more toys. You want to color yet I'm making all the circles and writing your name. I don't get hearing the same story five times in a row. The ending? It's the same. Even after the fifteenth time. 

Do not try to reason with a two year old. It will leave you wanting. I promise. I feel like I should be buying my mother flowers to apologize for every tantrum, smart mouthed comment, and no I ever said to her. Oh those terrible twos. What to do? What to do? Someone pass the wine. 

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  1. I love this post! It must be hard with a two year old. Good luck!
    Alice x

  2. I feel ya sister! Those moments just leave me short of breath and helpless, because you really have no control over the tantrum that will ensue. These boys...stubborn and independent and strong willed, but when they're sweet? They're the SWEETEST aren't they?

  3. Oh, I am so right there with you!! God help us both. :-)


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