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Family Photos 2013

Monday, December 9, 2013

A few weeks ago, these guys and I attempted dressing all cute and headed out to my new favorite place to take photos, the town of Livingston. Before we know it, this place will be filled with beautiful homes and I won't get to just roam, but I'm hoping the new town square will serve as a different but equally beautiful backdrop. 

Don't my guys just look so handsome in their sweaters and jeans? It was freezing and unseasonably so this day, so we had to take a break just about every fifteen minutes or so and jump in the car for some heat. I plan to capture some more Christmas photos of Jonah soon, but I love our simple neutral palette for fall. 

Aside from the first photo, the rest of these were taken with a remote and/or timer with my camera on a tripod. I would have liked to get a few more natural photos of us as a family, but with the cold and using the remote, it was just easier to pose! To get Jonah to participate, in several photos he was actually holding the remote. The middle photo below is the one I chose for one side of our card, but I just realized you can see me holding the remote. oops!

I ordered our Christmas cards last night and I would love to exchange with some of my far away friends! Receiving something personal from a friend makes you feel so much closer and I just love getting Christmas cards =) Let me know if you want to exchange - I set up a postable link on my facebook page where you can just add your address and no one else can see it but me! =)

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