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Mama Style & Joules in the USA

Monday, December 16, 2013

When my goodies from arrived on Friday, I had great plans of how I would show them to you. I thought "we'll head out into the yard tomorrow by our big evergreen and snap a few photos." I pictured myself looking so cute in my gilet and then jonah and I all wrapped in the warmest wool blanket. We would look full of holiday cheer and so cozy. Needless to say, it wasn't that easy. I am not sure why I always want the two year old in the picture with me...but I do. I don't love posting photos of just me, because seriously he's way cuter and I'm a little awkward in front of the camera. So, I thought I would show you (almost) all of what happened. I realized, that with torture and all, he and I are smiling in almost every shot. So, maybe I'll style our new throw another day. Today enjoy the 50ish photos below of Jonah and I pretty much fighting over the blanket, my neighbor's kind of creepy van, and if you look really close you may just notice the ever deepening crease in my forehead. What I hope you notice though is our smiles and how happy I really am with our goodies from Joules. The throw has found it's resting place on my side of the bed and the vest was great for Christmas shopping on Saturday.

If you're still here, Joules, a British brand, new to the US market! When I visited their site I truly wanted everything! Those wellies are amazing. There is really something from Joules for everyone and you still have time to shop! December 19th is the cut off for Christmas delivery in the US! Go now.

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  1. Could we trade heads of hair? Serious. I've got some hair lust going on over here.


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