The Wilde Olive Blog: Simple Gifts: Easy Peppermint Bark and Keepsake Gift Wrapping!


Simple Gifts: Easy Peppermint Bark and Keepsake Gift Wrapping!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Y'all! I am so happy with how these gifts for Jonah's Mother's Morning Out staff turned out! I realize that it's pretty much last minute because Christmas is in just a few days, so feel free to pin this to your maybe next year board. 

This is my first time putting together "teacher gifts" but have done candy and goodies for coworkers and neighbors in the past. I know it's not everyone's preference but I'd much rather fake bake something, than try to figure out a gift each person would like. In my book, food is always the way to go.

I scored these little felt buckets in the $1 Spot at Target back before thanksgiving I think. They had plenty, so I just bought a handful knowing I'd come up with a good use for them. It doesn't always turn out that I actually use the things I buy in the $1 Spot but this time... there is no doubt that these will be keepsakes, re-gifted (as wrapping), or claimed by the recipient's little one for crayons or toys.

 I am all about the printable tags this year and fortunately black and white works here and with my wrapping this year because my color printer has been acting up. These chalkboard printables were printed on white card stock and I wrote on the back - one from Jonah and he other with a nut allergy warning just in case. I clipped some greenery from my garland and tied with baker's twine. I stuffed the bottom with a little bit of crinkle paper shred from Dollar Tree. 

To make the peppermint bark  there are only a few steps and a ton of different varieties out there so this isn't something I came up with, however, my sister and I were talking on the phone while she was in the store and we came up with using the soft mints which are more easily chewed. Last year I worried about Jonah being able to chew the peppermints because he barely had any teeth at the time, now I don't worry but we went with the soft mints anyway. I love Bob's.

1. Unwrap a bag of bob's soft chew mints and place them in a ziploc to crush. I wrapped the bag with a towel and went outside with a hammer.
2. Melt your almond bark
3. Pour the melted almond bark onto wax paper
4. Quickly spread you crushed peppermint on top of the bark making sure your layer is thin enough everything sticks.
5. Let dry then break into desire pieces and store in an air tight container
A Tip on melting the almond bark: Use the microwave and take it out before it really looks melted and stir and stir. It will finish melting any clumps left and you can avoid accidentally burning it! 

I put this bark in a sandwich size ziploc, tied with twine and cut off the zipper part. We have an over flow of ziploc bags, so I didn't feel like I was wasting. It works in a pinch or I'm sure you can find clear bags at any party or big pox store.

I also made some with a sweet and salty mix from M&M because not everyone likes peppermint. It's not as pretty this go round but is just as yummy.

I hope you eat something yummy this season!

What did you do for teacher gifts or did you bake any homemade goodies? I'd love to hear or see leave links in the comments if you blogged or pinned it! 

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  1. These look so cute and yummy! Beautiful pictures too. Have a very Merry Christmas!

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