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2013 A Look Back at Memories, Dreams, and Reflections

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

This post is my contribution to Memories, Dreams, and Reflections hosted each year by the very talented Ashley Sisk. It's a look back in photos using prompts, my photos are not in prompt order or chronological.

2013 is a thing of the past and as I looked back through all the photos from the year, I have so many mixed emotions. Memories were made, babies turned to big boys and I marked a few more personal milestones off my list. Every time I go back and read my 2011 post, I still get emotional. 2012 brought on new challenges as I adjusted to motherhood and the realization that this season of my life is to be embraced for what it is and as far as what my expectations for 2013 were, I wrote this at the end of last year's post:

"I want to seek the wonderful in the unexpected, the every day, and the struggles. I want many things for my family and myself, but I want to truly seek God's plan is for us this year."

Me: December 2013

 For the first half of twenty thirteen, I was focused and grew so much in my spiritual journey. I was seeking God in the little things, reflecting on my decisions, asking God first before I let myself get in the way. After a while I let some of that go. I wasn't making a point to seek God every morning, but remained prayerful in the quiet times and thankful for his mercy and grace extended to me everyday. I can tell you that I did see God in the small places in my life. I hope others did too.

I Love You: Wesley and I on our fifth anniversary.

I will always need guidance and grace in my relationship with Wesley, as partners and as parents. I don't talk a lot about marriage here, because Lord knows I'm no expert. I just believe I found the right guy (almost ten years ago) and we are making it though this crazy unexpected life together. I am thankful we've made it to where we are and hopeful of where we're going. 
My saving grace as a parent this year, in the hard times is Jonah's smile and his infectious laugh. No matter how difficult a day has been, we almost always say goodbye with a smile and a good tickle and a funny face go a long way (for him and for me).

WINTER WONDERLAND: Our only snow in 2013 was wet soggy and a little depressing
I need those moments of laughter and silliness because the winter months can really get me down sometimes, even though we weren't freezing, covered in snow and ice much (or at all in 2013) winter in the south can be dreary and downright depressing. Last January through April we got to attend birthday after birthday celebration for our little cousins and friends. That always puts a little bright spot in a dreary weekend. 2013 seemed to be the year of the Firetruck parties. Which were pretty awesome. I think this go round we will be seeing more and more of bouncy houses and The Little Gym (we've already got one under our belt - it was technically in 2013 but you won't see it until next week).

BIRTHDAY: Friends, Firetrucks and Free hats
FRIENDS: Emma and Jonah August 2013
I WAS INSPIRED: Jonah picking berries in March 2013

In 2013, my photography grew so much more. I feel like I'm at a place where I can finally get into a good groove and capture sweet sweet memories the way I want to. I am always learning and growing though and my confidence waxes and wanes almost daily. When spring starts to roll around again, I'm hoping to be filling up my calendar again. It's hard work to do it on top of everything else but I love it. 
SPRING FEVER: May 2013 Roses in full bloom
TRAVEL: Okaloosa Island: September 2013
We didn't get to travel much in 2013, mostly because we completely repainted the outside of our house and took on so many projects, but getting away even for a little while is refreshing for the soul. I hope we get to experience that again this year. When summer rolls around, I long for the sun and the beach. I want my toes in the water and a cold drink in my head. The smell of coconut and ice coffee just reaches deep into my soul. 

SUMMER DAYS: Barefoot and Comfortable

LET'S DO IT AGAIN - We went to a local Balloon Glow/Concert/Fireworks show on the 4th that we'd never done before - I think it should be a tradition. 
A DAY IN THE LIFE: Nothing describes my life better than a picture of Jonah sitting on the counter tops in my kitchen. 

ALL SMILES: I couldn't pick just one! These are some of my favorite shots of Jonah from 2013!
AUTUMN HARVEST: This was after a hayride and pumpkin picking and that's my first purchase from Stitch Fix
By the time October rolled around (because September is definitely still summer in mississippi) we were ready for Fall. You never know if you'll wear sweaters or shorts to the Pumpkin Patch, but you'll pretend that Fall is in the air...even if the leaves are mostly still green.

FAMILY AND HOME: Lazy Weekend mornings were our favorite past time in 2013. 
CELEBRATE! Jonah's Pirate Party. I was really proud of some of the little touches this year!
Soon after Fall hits, it feels like things get so busy - for the past three years at least. Jonah's birthday, busy photography season, and the holiday plans just start making life a little crazy! This year was better than 2012 on my stress level though. I really was able to put a little less stress on myself to do it all. It went too fast, but our memories are fond ones!

FAVORITE: Just because this is what everyday life with a toddler looks like - my messy hair and all.  Mother's Day 2013
I MISS YOU: Sweet little boy that still looked like a baby. I miss him, but I love the big boy too! 
BEAUTIFUL: My spring hydrangea and my little nature loving beau.  
ALL DRESSED UP: Family Costume for the win on Halloween 2013
HOLIDAY: Our longest standing Christmas tradition - Christmas Eve at Grandma's
FAVORITE: I know I already showed one of these but this was my favorite shoot of the year! 
JUST BECAUSE SO THERE: I just love this photo from when I started doing a house tour - mismatch clothes doing what he does best. 

For 2014, I have dreams of simple living, goals for capturing our memories, and expectations of challenges and changes. I hope enjoyed reliving a little of 2013 with me and will join me for new adventures this year. 


  1. I'm so glad you linked up - your photography has always inspired me...and well, Jonah is beyond adorable. I love love love the travel photo and the series you did with that.

  2. I haven't participated in Memories, Dreams & Reflections in so long!! I need to do it this year. Oh and I love that hot air balloon photo! So cool!

  3. Love this post. Your pictures are beautiful, and tell a beautiful story! :)

  4. The pictures from Okaloosa Island are stunning!

  5. What an amazing recap - simply beautiful and I can't wait to see what 2014 brings for you!

  6. I love all of these. Beautiful recap and photos! So excited to get to know you through this project!

  7. I love these!! Such gorgeous photos!


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