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Local Love: Birthday's with The Little Gym

Monday, January 27, 2014

When making goals (and I use that term loosely) for the year, one thing my husband and I discussed was wanting to get out as a family and do more local activities. We seriously talk all the time about going here or there and oh that sounds fun, but then we get wrapped up in whatever house project we're working on or we just don't go for whatever the reason. So, we've cooked up a plan to have one weekend a month where we spend time as a family and part of that is going on a little local adventure. Since I'll almost always be bringing my camera along for my 365 project and just because that's what I do, I'm hoping to have a good collection of Kid Friendly Things To Do in Jackson posts. So, if you're local and have some suggestions that we may not have thought of or are hosting/a part of an event, please let us know! 

To start of off, I thought I'd share my niece's birthday party from December and my nephew's birthday party that was just a couple of weeks ago, both at The Little Gym! Emma's party was our first time visiting and I can say that every kid there loved it, especially Jonah. He was a little young/shy for the group activities, but watched intently and did every thing he could in the gym!

The party girl had a blast! The instructors were great for Emma's party and knew just what to do with the little ones.They tailor the experience to the birthday girl/boy and make them the center of attention on their special day! Mom's and Dad's could mostly just sit back and watch, but Wesley and I spent most of our time both in the gym with kids. Too much fun was being had not to witness it up close and personal. My sister, Andrea, Emma's mom brought some simple, but cute snacks and little additions to the decor, but the gym did everything else! 

My nephew Clark, who turned 5 on January 5th, also had a great turn out of friends and family for his party. The older crowd was a little bit rougher, but there is plenty of room for everyone to play. The activities for his party were more Boy/Super Hero related which he enjoys very much. Jonah had an equally wonderful time and braved a few more tasks on his on this time! 

I think the pictures of bouncy kids and smiling faces speak for themselves! The best thing about having a party is very tired kids and very little clean up! Hmmm... I may see a Jonah birthday party here in the future. 

 I'd really like to take Jonah back for a little instruction or fun activity sometime. We may have to take advantage of their Free Introductory Class soon, especially since it doesn't look like winter is going away anytime soon. 

Have you visited The Little Gym in your area?  


  1. That looks like a great place for a party!

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