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Planting an Honest Tree

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

We have had two really nice weekends in a row. Warming up to the mid 60's despite the cold temps during the week and at night, so we got to venture outside a little. I always feel like I have to have something to do outside. I can't seem to just sit and watch Jonah play, which usually means he wants to do whatever I am doing. That is perfectly fine with me most of the time. He's been learning a little gardening. We let him help with his little rake and digging in the dirt is always fun right? He also loves to find bugs, lizards, and worms (oh my!).

I love doing little projects with him. He loves to hold things for me and watch intently. Then offer help as much as he can. "Me do it?" He does little task pretty well. His timing isn't always great and this mama can get a little frustrated occasionally, but try not to show it to him. My little secret is to distract him by asking him about what daddy is doing or the dog. Just so I can get a second to fix something while he's not looking!

This little tree came as a gift from Honest with our diapers in December. How cool is that?! They sent them out with all of their December shipments along with an original book. The tree is a Western breed, so I'm kind of worried if it will actually survive here, but we will see. If not I'll replace it with something more local and in our zone. I hope it makes it though.

We talked about how it will need water and sunlight and love. Jonah poured and poured dirt and gave it water. He wasn't too happy that there was just one to be planted, but he got to use the water he was happy.

I really love planting and gardening. I lack motivation a lot of the time for actually getting it done, but just to plant something that will grow and flourish (hopefully) is satisfying in ways that other "housework" is not and to teach your child to love and nurture (even when I fail at it a lot) is a special connection you'll always have.

Here's hoping for a long life for our little seedling!

Do you garden? What are you planting this year? Have you ever grown a tree from it's seedling?

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  1. How cute!! I may have to have Jackson help me plant some things this Spring. I bet he would love getting to help. :-)

    1. I am sure he would, especially when you come across worms... I like worms - just not touching them!

  2. He looks so focused on what he's doing in all the pictures! It looks like he enjoyed it. :) I don't garden... I don't have much luck keeping potted plants alive, so I don't think a garden would stand a chance! I always forget to water them. I planted a tree from a seedling once before, though. I moved from a small town in Wisconsin where our house was on a lot in the middle of the woods to a city suburb and had a hard time with the move. One thing that I missed was all of the trees, so my dad and I planted a tree in the yard after a year. It's still there, growing tall. I feel so proud when I look at it now. I'll have to take a picture of it sometime and put it up on my blog.

    1. That is an accomplishment! I am so grateful to live in a neighborhood with lots of trees except when storms blow through! You should photograph it for sure.

  3. We do have a garden and I agree; there's something so satisfying and rewarding about watching something grow! Unfortunately we didn't give the soil the winter care we would have liked, but I'm very optimistic that with some good compost and manure we'll be ready to plant in March! :) So excited!


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