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Catch the Moment: Week Seven

Monday, February 24, 2014

I have to start off by saying I am so sorry this is so late. You know life happens and it's happened to me big time the past few weeks! There are also more iPhone photos in this post than I'd hoped for. I have been busy using my camera for my Yes To Campaign - that I really hope you check out! You can enter for an easy freebie from them here on their Facebook Page! And photographing my DIY: Fabric Tassel Banner (no sewing required) that you may have seen here a few weeks back. I hope you guys had a great week and will be back for more this Friday! I here there's a little surprise coming up. ;)

43|365 I mentioned last week that we spent some time with my parents while Wesley was away on a business trip and Jonah whole days worth of NaNa love and of course NaNa HAS to do all the good stuff at NaNa's house and Mommy doesn't mind a bit! 
44|365 The day before Valentine's Day, Jonah had his first Valentine's Party with friends. He brought home all kinds of goodies and is still looking through them asking me who they are from! So cute. 
45|365 On Valentine's Day I didn't get a picture until the last minute. This was daddy's first day back and we laid low after work. 
46|365 On Saturday, we hung out around the house and Jonah chased the dog with his lawnmower. Lucky dog! 
47|365 Sunday, I ventured outside during Jonah's nap and captured what is probably the last of our Camellia Blooms and prayed for spring!
48|365 Mondays are always kind of hectic getting back into the work week, but lucky us daddy cooked dinner and we just sat and waited.
49|365 Tuesday morning Jonah headed back to school, but DID NOT want his picture taken... notice the fist and his firm stance. So sorry kid, but have you met your mom? 

That's a wrap for last week. I promise to do better for this week's post ;)


  1. I just love the Valentine's Day picture! He looks so cute there (and in all of them of course, but that one in particular!)

  2. Jonah has the sweetest face, even with a curled fist!

  3. Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

  4. Beautiful pictures, he looks adorable :)

    Catherine Vargas
    Vintage Girls


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