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Catch the Moment: Week Six

Thursday, February 13, 2014

I know this space has been a little quiet this week. I have some excuses, but I'll spare you those for now and let you see the little moments captured around the house.

I always say that I hate wish time away, because I'll miss the moments I want to treasure the most, but I have been wishing gloomy yucky no-good days away for a few weeks now. I want to embrace the winter for what it is, the good, the beautiful, and I want to appreciate it because it makes us appreciate the arrival of spring so much more, but this has been a tough one. We did get some little glimpses of sunshine last week and it was glorious and I am thankful. We brought out tent at Jonah's request and blanket into the yard and soaked up a little bit of vitamin D. Then just like that it was gone again!
36|365 Wesley brought home some fresh flowers from his shopping trip, which is something he knows I love to have in the house. I think he may have been looking for some brownie points. 
 37|365 Jonah can't hack it past 6:30 on days he misses his nap. Looks like this is becoming a Thursday tradition around here. Worn out!
 38|365 I finally let Jonah get a real hair cut in hopes of cutting down on some of the bedhead. Weeeellll... maybe we should have gone shorter. #bedheadforever

39|365 Last weekend we really laid low. Wesley took Jonah to the Children's Museum, but I haven't seen any photos from that.. I did ask him to take some. So, I had to capture Jonah enjoying a homemade truffle from our neighbor. They were very good. 
40|365 Tent time in the backyard! Hope we get more of this this weekend! 

41|365 Monday, Wesley left to go out of town for the week, so Jonah and I spent a little time with my parents and he loved it. At NaNa's house - NaNa gets mommy responsibilities because Jonah insists and I am okay with that! Thanks Mom for all your help! 
 42|365 Rain Rain go away! We had alllllmost freezing rain. It was miserably wet and cold, but I am thankful we didn't get the ice that hit so many here in the south. 

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  1. I'm sorry the weather was bad for you, but that last photo is awesome!!!

  2. Those were some pretty flowers. Its so nice to have some fresh flowers in the house, for brownie points or not. ;) I agree that last photo is just amazing looking - we had freezing rain here too after we got dumped with several inches of snow.

  3. Love your photos this week! Well done!! :)

  4. I hope you're feeling better and that the weather smartens up! Love Jonah's haircut - he's so handsome!

  5. Wonderful photos, Stephanie! You have such a gift!

  6. I love that teepee well from what I can see of it. I've been debating on getting one for my kids but always worried about how rough they are with their stuff.

  7. I love that sleeping photo, I take so many of kids sleeping - they are so sweet and innocent.

  8. I know just what you mean. It has been cloudy and drizzly here for a week, and it's driving me a little crazy! I really need some sunshine!

    I especially love your photo of your sleepy boy. So cute!

  9. Such wonderful photo's this week!

  10. Ahhh! I love his hair cut! Great last photo.

  11. I love bed head pics, but yeah, it's so hard to get all straightened out again on boys' short hair. Aw well, still adorable!

  12. I'm so jealous of the no-nap leading to an early bedtime. When Mason stopped napping at home, he would be super duper crabby by 6 pm but kept staying up just as late, even if we put him to bed hours earlier. It's been over a year now and he STILL has days where he could really really use a nap but no such luck!

    I love the haircut picture!

  13. Cute! My favorite is the teeth brushing shot! He looks so determined!

  14. But mom, his bedhead is so cute! It doesn't seem to matter how short I cut my son's hair, it's going to stick straight up or out everyday. Sweet pictures!

  15. Wonderful moments capture! Love the sleeping photo!

  16. I love the chocolate face and can totally related about Nana taking over. I so appreciate my Mom and the chance to get a little break from the routine. I'm a sucker for a sleeping pic so that one is my fav :)

  17. Love the picture of your little guy sleeping!

  18. Great pictures. Your little guy is too cute
    stopping by from the link up


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