The Wilde Olive Blog: Say YES TO Great Love and Me Time with the #YESTOMOVEMENT


Say YES TO Great Love and Me Time with the #YESTOMOVEMENT

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Truth. When you first become a mom, the thought of having me time seems light years away. There is this little baby literally attached to you for the greater part of the day. It's all kinds of wonderful and exhausting. If you are anything like me though, you kind of got used to it being that way and it literally takes years to realize that you can actually say yes to a little mommy time. Pre-motherhood me loved to take a long HOT shower. I loved the time I would spend perfecting my long hair and getting my make-up just so before I walked out the door. That was my me time and I liked it. It made me feel better about myself and gave me confidence. I would wander the make-up store or the aisle of my neighborhood drug store's beauty section looking for the perfect new product to try. Well, that isn't so easy these days. With a full work schedule and wanting to soak up as much time as I can with my little guy on the weekends, I have to speed through the aisles a little faster BUT around the time my son turned two, I realized that I have to say "YES" to myself a little more,even if it means saying "it can wait" a little more often.

So, even though I will still be saying yes to my great love of extra snuggles, and yes to afternoons in a sunny back yard, I will also be saying Yes to time I get to spend just being me. Yes I am saying Yes to long hot showers even if it means sneaking them in after my son's bedtime and leaving the laundry for tomorrow. I will be saying Yes to a good morning natural skin care routine even if it means there's a big mess being made under my feet. I will be saying Yes to the great love I have for myself. I have this one body and it's mine to take care of.

Part of saying yes to a long hot shower and good morning skin care routine is including YES TO carrots new fragrance free, paraben free natural skin care line. I have started using a variety of their products from the exfoliating cleanser to the intense hydration night cream. I have to say I woke up Sunday morning and my face felt so soft, I used a cleansing cloth, added the daily facial moisturizer with SPF and didn't even bother with make up. It honestly felt so good.

This year, YES TO is introducing the #YESTOMOVEMENT, a Hashtag Project and monthly photo contest with a PRIZE for the favorite snap! This month’s hashtag is #YESTOGREATLOVE, and it’s all about sharing that GREAT LOVE in your life. While I'll spare you the shower pic, I will be posting a little more about my new and improved skin care routine and maybe a few snuggles - we know I can't get enough of those! The favorite snap wins a set of the NEW YES TO Carrots Fragrance Free Products! I can't wait to see what you share.

Most importantly, if you'd like a chance to win a full-sized pack of YES TO CARROTS fragrance free wipes head over to their Facebook Page because there are 500 packs up for grabs!

Many thanks to YES TO for sponsoring this story, and saving my skin with their nourishing fragrance free products!


  1. Great post. I love your blog design too!

  2. I just love Yes To products!! Definitely entering the giveaway!

  3. Oh, how I miss those long, hot showers of pre-motherhood! And the Yes To products sound awesome!

  4. I miss those long hot showers too! I'm either taking a super short one with tons of interruptions from kids and cats, or I'm taking a long one, with all the kids in the shower with me as I scrub them down, ha ha ha. Unless I'm taking a shower at midnight, which never happens, I just don't get a moment of peace in the bathroom!

  5. I miss those long showers too! Looking forward to trying these products...heard so many great things!

  6. I need to pick these up to try them!


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