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a warm and glowing spring

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

This little space has been a little on the quieter side the past couple of months. Not because I don't have anything to show you or tell you, I just don't have the energy, the ability to stay up past Jonah's bedtime, and truthfully, I'm kind of lacking a positive perspective. I've written a few posts. Most of them emotional messes about how this pregnancy is sucking the life out of me, but I never hit publish because I really am thankful and really grateful for the opportunity to have another little one to love and just can't find the words yet to put those thoughts out there the way I want them to be heard. So, for now I'm just going to ramble about Spring making her appearance, Jonah growing up too fast, and my wishes to cherish right now. 

When the warmer temps started showing up, my perspective started to shift a little, some sunshine can do a girl a lot of good (when said girl can pull herself off the couch) and even though we've still had some pretty frigid days the past few weeks, we've managed to get out when we can and enjoy saving the daylight!

 I get so excited when Daylight Savings Time rolls around. Most people complain because they lost an hour of sleep, but I see it as gaining an hour back into our daily life.I get to spend that golden hour out in the setting sun rather than inside my office with no windows. It makes us more active and exploratory and happy. We can walk further and meet more cats friends around the neighborhood. We get so see all the flowers in bloom and according to Jonah, he loves flowers (then eventually karate chops them with something). 

He'll be two and half in under a month and I feel like he's growing up so much. Some days he's just on a roll and the things that come out of his mouth and from his brain just make me take a step back. I don't want to miss his littleness but it slips by so quickly. Even doing my 365 project every day, I felt like I needed some time in the sunset, on the first day of spring, the day after he turned twenty nine months to just capture the little tidbits of him. . . and bonus. I got to meet his new furry friends he and daddy have been talking about and take advantage of some of our neighbors blooms because ours don't look quite as good.

One of my favorite things about sunset is pointing my camera right into it. It might not be the most correct or by the book way to take a photo, but that glow makes my feel warm and filled with light. That's how I want to feel this spring... I want to be warm, inviting, I want our days to be glowing with goodness and love.

I want to remember this last Spring with just a family of three. I want him to remember this warm sunny glow and cherish our long walks as our thing we did as a family of three. I want to remember what it was like when he was two and half. I want stories to tell his younger sibling and future friends. I want to show him his dirty face and tell him how he refused to take a photo and remind him that mama doesn't give up.

As our family grows, I'll always want him to have memories that are just his, that are just ours, and I want them to include beautiful sunsets, talks about stars, long walks, and lots of love.


  1. These pictures are so great! I love the sun shining in them.

  2. He's just the cutest little thing. Pregnancy the second time around is such a different experience isn't it? I feel like the first you just get to relax and nap when needed but with a toddler and being Preggo it's draining. Hang in there! I love your beautiful pictures

  3. I'm glad you are feeling a bit better, even if it is just sun induced! These are all so precious! I love the glow and light. They all say Spring!

  4. These are all so adorable. Spring sunshine is such a lovely light for photography


  5. The light in these photos is magical!

  6. Sun really does do a lot of good! And why and I tearing up at this?? YOU are the one who is supposed to be emotional right now. I am just a hot mess for no good reason. Praying for y'all! :)


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