The Wilde Olive Blog: Catch the Moment 365: Week Eight, Nine, & Most of Ten


Catch the Moment 365: Week Eight, Nine, & Most of Ten

Friday, March 14, 2014

So here I am catching up on my Catch the Moment 365! I am actually 3 weeks behind posting my photos and this post alllmost catches me up to this week, but it's almost midnight and I just can't push through to make it to day 70 so I'll include those in next week's post! Thanks for sticking with me guys. It feels SO good to be back. 

50|365 Signs of Spring in the back yard
51|365 My handsome boy getting ready for school and humoring mommy. 
52|365 A lazy Friday photo at NaNa's door. 

 53|365 Our nephew Reese turned ELEVEN. I cannot believe he is this old. We took a trip to celebrate the big day with the family. Jonah adores this boy and he's so good with him. I kind of even think they look a little alike.

 54|365 Jonah loves his MeMe
 55|365 Squatting boy

56|365 Ready for school. I love the days Daddy takes him. It gives me a little me time to get ready for work.
57|365 Movie Time. This is such a typical photo of these three. Jonah is totally into WHATEVER Emma is into and Benjamin is always there, but really more into his snack. 

 58|365 The easiest way to get Jonah out of the house. . . tell him he can wear his rainboots.

59|365 A warm Saturday afternoon - Cooking for Mama

60|365 Lazy Sunday - Notice the motion? He's not asleep.

61|365 Winter returns with a vengeance. It was snowing on Monday morning after we played in shorts on Saturday and Sunday.

 62|365 School Day. His first day to play in the new indoor playroom.

63|365 Counting the days until Cousin Connor comes to Mississippi. Yes he's sitting in her lap. Little Mama Emma.

64|365 Somebody's in my kitchen.

Finishing up the week next week. To see more of what's been going on with our family come back tomorrow (Saturday) for a special post! Also, be sure to check out my #huggiestester post from this week! 

For Catch the Moment 365 Guidelines join us here


  1. You really have captured some beautiful moments in these pictures! He looks a lot like his father too!
    Alice x

  2. Jonah and his MeMe - favorite picture. So much sweetness. Great photos :)

  3. Wow! I don't even know where to begin. I love them all.
    I have to say though that signs of spring & at Nana's front door (look at that smile) are my personal favorites right now, I think!

  4. Gah! I love day 64! What a look! Loving day 55 too, the squatting baby. Such a cute picture!

  5. Love the swing pic of Jonah and his meme!!

  6. Your house looks so charming. I know what you mean about the wacky weather...we've had enough!! And Jonah's eyes are killer!!!


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