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Catch the Moment 365: Week 13

Friday, April 4, 2014

Capturing our days, just the little moments has been so gratifying. Being able to see them organized here week after weeks feels good. Even though the time still passes too fast, we are able to look back week by week, day by day and see our little mundane, every day moments, just as they are. I have to admit that my goal with this project was just that to capture the mundane and learn how to see beauty through my lens everyday. However, many days I feel little inspiration. I have chocked this up to morning all day sickness the past ten or so weeks, but I have the moments every now and then when I love what I capture....even if it's just with my iPhone. I told myself I wouldn't put too much pressure on myself throughout the project but try my hardest to capture our moments with my professional camera and that's what I'll continue to do - try. What struggles are you having your photography projects? 

85|365 My nephew Benjamin. Each morning I drop Jonah off at my parents house and my sister drops off this little dude. Some mornings he loves on me, some mornings..he does not. This particular morning, he was a bit of a grump, but I love him just the same! =) black and white version here

86|365 Outside play at NaNa's is always so much fun especially when there are diggers involved.

87|365 My nephew Connor, the train enthusiast. On Thursday night my sister and her family arrived from Colorado for a visit. We had a little get together on Friday night that included loves of t-ball and train riding. 

88|365 Saturday was a pretty lazy day, daddy headed to the store and took the Jonah man along with him while I got to do a little sewing. . . after a morning of puzzle play of course. 

89|365 Sunday morning, Wesley let me sleep in a little late and I work up to them making breakfast. Jonah was going to make me peanut butter toast, but instead decided he'd just eat the peanut butter from the knife. ig capture here. 

90|365 Jonah & Connor picking flowers on a beautiful afternoon at NaNa's.

 91|365 Tuesday, I came down with what I thought was the return of the worst of my morning sickness. I was so discouraged and only made it to work for less than two hours, after I came home and slept for several hours, I realized I most likely had a stomach bug. So, needless to say I did not pick up my camera... I could barely pick up my head, so I took a make up shot.

Early last week I noticed that our azaleas were about to explode with blooms, so I had to capture one of the few that have opened.

I hope you guys had a wonderful week and I can't wait for you to share your photos! If you'd like more information about #catchthemoment365 or want to grab the button and join us click here

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  1. I always love seeing your photos. There is something so whimsical about them. They are all simply amazing.

  2. That window shot is stunning...beautiful photos this week!

  3. I agree I love your nephew at the window, so precious. What great photos though, and what love comes through in all of them.

  4. Love the reflection in the window photo! All of these are beautiful!!!


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