The Wilde Olive Blog: Catch the Moment 365 | Week 16


Catch the Moment 365 | Week 16

Friday, April 25, 2014

The last week seemed to fly by! We did so much - with two birthday parties, two Easter gatherings, traveling a little and getting back into a routine. I like busy though. It makes me feel like I'm filling up my cup with love and friends and family. It gives us things to talk about and great memories. It also makes me more grateful for the down time in between. 

106|365 Just a boy and his lasso (okay it's really just yellow yarn but don't tell him). 

107|365 This photo turned out to be a little brighter than I expected. I took a whole series of these while we were leaving for MMO/work, but haven't had the chance to edit them all yet. I'm planning an update post since he's not officially two and a half!

108|365 Friday seems like it's always pajama and boot day when we go to NaNa's house. I post on instagram that I asked him if he had a big belly like mommy's and he said "no I not, just a littler one". He knows how to make a girl feel good! I guess I shouldn't be projecting my whale status onto him anyway. . .

109|365 Saturday, we went to the best birthday party for cousin Benjamin! He turned two and he's letting us know. We love him though! He's Jonah's "beest buddy" even though they fight like brothers.

110|365 Sunday we made our way to Starkville to visit my in laws. I posted all about Easter Sunday here (photo overload).

111|365 Would it be completely nerdy if I took a weekly capture of my hydrangea blooms. We have this enormous bush next to our porch and it's probably my favorite thing ever. They ususally last all summer and this is the verry beginning. It's exciting really. hashtag - horticulture nerd.

112|365 And these babies I guess technically belong to our neighbors, but they can't actually see them...and its a rental where two dudes live so I don't think they mind that I've been cutting them. ;)

Thanks for taking a peek into our everyday. Join us for a 365 Project? Check out Catch the Moment 365 and join in!

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  1. What cute jammies and rainboots he has!

  2. Your easter photo is adorable!! Looks like you guys had a wonderful week :)

  3. I love spring flower photos. That's how I fell in love with photography in the first place many years ago. I say bring them on!


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