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Easter 2014

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

I always try to capture special events in a way that tells the story of how great and exciting they were at the time. I usually wind up with so many pictures that I have a hard time narrowing them down and maybe I'm guilty of a little over sharing, but in the end that's what this space is for, right? Last night as I was looking through these pictures, Jonah sat next to me and asked if he could help. Needless to say it didn't last long because all he wants to do is push buttons on my computer and I get all frustrated and threaten time out if he pushes one more button! - so we just looked at a few pictures then I put it aside until he went to bed. It just reminded me though, that me spending the time taking the pictures and pulling out the special ones is worth it because he loves to see himself and his family. He loves talking about memories and things we did months ago, even at only two and half. It really makes me look forward to being able to share this blog with him when he's older. I wish I had more photos of the bigger important people in his life and not just the kids, I need to work on that a little more. 

We had a very busy Saturday and Sunday. We attended my nephew Benjamin's Birthday party, which was Easter themed and oh so cute it deserves it's own post, then we drove the hour and a half to MeMe and Poppie's house for the night, and stopped back by my grandparents on the way home Sunday evening. This tells thestory of MeMe's house. 

Of all the things in these kid's baskets, each one of them (all 5) pulled out the Dum Dums and put them straight in their mouths before breakfast!

We have never done this tradition, but it sure was fun. The Easter Bunny (thanks Uncle Patrick) hid eggs outside during the night for all the kids to find right after breakfast before we headed to church. Jonah has loved hunting eggs this year. He isn't to an age where he fusses over how many he has or someone else has, but my instinct is to make him hurry and get this one or that one! I'm so glad he's still two and I love the joy that comes along with that. 

After church, we had a beautiful lunch with lots of family. There is just something so special about big family meals. I have to say though. MeMe's table is going to need to grow a little because we are already eating in shifts. My favorite part of it all though, is the sitting around after lunch having good conversation. No rush, just sitting and talking until you eventually have to get up to go to the bathroom because you drank so much sweet tea (not me of course- just in case my nurse that monitors my blood sugars is reading ;)

Since we were so dressed up anyway, we really needed a family picture, but not according to the two year old. Hence the reason my husband is no longer wearing his suit and tie and Jonah has a dum dum. At least it matches his outfit? lol

I hope you all had a beautiful Easter weekend. I know we tend to get wrapped up in egg hunting and candy, that we can miss celebrating the Resurrection, but you know what? Without Him, being together with our families and celebrating wouldn't be as amazing. I am so thankful for the gifts we have been given and the grace that God shows me every day. 

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