The Wilde Olive Blog: Our Confetti Egg Gender Reveal!


Our Confetti Egg Gender Reveal!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

gender-reveal 1

 So, you all probably know by now that we have known the baby's gender since last week. We were not expecting to find out at our last appointment BUT when the Doppler wouldn't pick up a clear audible heartbeat, my nurse sent me down for an Ultrasound. No waiting - straight in. Thankfully, after much heart pounding anticipation on my part there it was nice and strong. Baby was kind of twisted around to the back just snuggling. It actually looked a lot like Jonah's sleeping position and there was that nice strong heartbeat. Whew. So, I turned to my husband and attempted to ask him if he wanted to find out today or maybe see if they could see gender and write it down. Since becoming pregnant, I have kind of wanted to do something special for a gender reveal. We didn't do that with Jonah and since I think this might be my last pregnancy, I wanted to do it this go around, BUT that dang husband of mine completely ignored my voice and stared at the big tv screen in front of us, using his knowledge of what to look for and said what he thought the sex was before the US tech could even say anything. So, all that planning - out the window. Oh well! It was still exciting. We left the doctor and I texted my mom and sister who was in town visiting from Colorado that we knew and that I wanted to have a little gender reveal that night and Skype with my in-laws, etc. So, they threw together a little family get-together that I'll share pictures of in a few days.

Since that little reveal was impromptu (but wonderful) I got it in my head that I really wanted to find something cute to do for a photo shoot even though we and our family already knew. I'd seen the idea of confetti eggs on The Paper Mama and suggested it to my sister for my nephew's Easter Birthday party this weekend. She happened to find some premade while shopping for supplies. When I saw these at her house this idea just kind of hit me. I hadn't seen it before (doesn't mean it doesn't exist) and wanted to give it try. The rest is history. Which you can see in the many photos below! We did it twice and I couldn't help but share both sets of photos - there are NOT two different babies - just one little....drum roll please!confetti-egg-gender-reveal


So, I just solidified my place as a boy mom. We are so happy that he is a baby boy and Jonah already talks a lot about his "baby brudder". I never thought I'd be the mom of two boys, but God has a plan and it might just include a minivan full of sporting goods, dirt and fishing poles. It could also include a lot of other things and I am open to whatever paths my BOYS want to take.

Now comes the task of naming this little fella. . .


  1. YAY YAY YAY!!! I'm obviously ecstatic for you, because from experience, watching the brother relationship grow is so fulfilling as a Mama!! Congrats!

  2. I gotta say I totally didn't "get" this gender reveal until you said BOY, I thought you were throwing pink in the air! Congrats, it really is wonderful to have two little boys!

    1. It more about eliminating the pink egg, like most of the balloon ones people let the pink float away. When you have confetti in your hand though.. You can't help but throw it! If I would have had time to make my own eggs, I would have probably done it a little differently but maybe not.

  3. Boys are so fun! Being a boy mom is even more fun!

  4. YAY!!! So happy for you. I love having two boys. :)

  5. What a cute idea! Love this. Congrats on another boy!!

  6. How exciting!! Congratulations!

  7. So cute! We are also expecting our second's to all the crazy joy that will be ours! :)


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