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Two and a Half Years Old

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Two and half is here and I have to say that I am absolutely in love with this age. Yes, I have symptoms of a mild heart attack nearly every day and there are plenty of completely unreasonable breakdowns that are a struggle to get through without losing my mind, but with this stage has come so many more rewarding and endearing characteristics that overshadow the challenging. 

I'm not really sure about his basic stats these days since we haven't been to the doctor in months! Which is aaawwesome (knocks on wood).  If I were to estimate based on home scales and such, he is about 29lbs and about 34"+ tall. He just looks so much more mature these days too. The baby is fading and fast. He's a solid 2T in just about everything and even wearing a few 3T shirts. He's still not potty trained, but that's my fault for the most part - potty training isn't on the top of the list when you have severe morning sickness and will do anything to just get someone else to change the diaper. I am working on a plan though to spend some time on it before summer really gets here - so like very soon! I think he's ready, we just have to commit and give him a good push! We'll see. 

He's such an outside nature boy. He loves animals and trees and flowers and just looking at the sky. He loves the rain, mostly because his rain boots are his favorite accessory. Now that it's warm out, we've been spending a lot of time outdoors. I feel like there is an impending hospital visit in our future. Sunday, he was just looking at the trees and walked straight off the porch. He learned how to climb into one of our trees and is tall enough to hoist himself up onto the bottom board of our fence. He goes out the back door (into the fenced yard) on his own occasionally. He'd love to open the front door, but thankfully the lock is pretty tricky. We have some rules about asking but still like I said at the beginning of this post - daily mild heart attacks. I try not to be too strict when it comes to just being a boy, but working in a rehab hospital, it's hard not to wear your over protective hat.

He's still a lover of music and art and creating. He has his colors pretty much nailed at this point and loves to paint and write. He's not so much into just coloring, but will if you do it with him. He often requests specific songs in the car and wants me to teach him how to sing songs he's doesn't know the words to. He is also just sings what he wants to say... it's pretty hilarious and we are like "what is he singing?"  Quite the personality this one has. He's an observer though and takes the time to take it all in before he just jumps right in. He is also very much a story teller, which I think has a lot to do with the singing. I always try to take the time to listen to him recalling his day, but sometimes I have to tell him to slow down and think about what he wants to say because there are a lot of uhhs umms and I I I's that seem to be leading nowhere. He still has his little baby-isms that just remind me that he really is still only two (which I am thankful for). He can't really say any "L" sounds, which makes his stories much more entertaining with words like wove, wisten, wike, wukas (lukas- his stuffed baby), bwanket, pway. He also has little jonahisms that I love - like he still calls NaNa - NaNee (long a's) and outside - outsacide (which sounds a lot like "out sock eyed") we don't really correct these things... maybe when he's 3.

The love I have for this boy is still almost incomprehensible. He amazes me, challenges me, loves me, and frustrates me. Our life will change before he hits his next big milestone with baby brother coming just before he turns three, but I think he's ready even if I'm not. Jonah has blessed our lives in so many ways. The way he shows love makes me want to be more loving, more passionate, and more understanding.

Isn't it funny how someone so small can change your heart in such big ways?

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