The Wilde Olive Blog: A long weekend with my boy + our first swim of the season!


A long weekend with my boy + our first swim of the season!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Last Friday, I asked to leave work a little early so that I could make the trip to Starkville and back to retrieve my little shadow and make it back before it got too terribly late. It was so good to see him after being away from him for a week. I could have sworn he matured just a little and noticed slight changes in his voice. He had so much fun staying with MeMe and Poppie for a week and has so many stories to tell about his time there. He also reported how well he has been doing at potty training. He has amazed me really. I couldn't be prouder!

On Saturday, we attended a Birthday party, where it took Jonah a while to warm up, but wound up having a great time, especially when it came time for cupcakes. He doesn't really ask for sweets that often but when he spots a cupcake, it must be his. We went home, he refused a nap but rested with Daddy for about an hour and then he and I headed to the post office and made a trip to home goods for a new rug for the porch and a mini Adirondack for the back yard... he also happened to pick out a $20 toy I couldn't refuse buying him. Normally, I wouldn't but he spotted and just couldn't forget about it all around the store! So we played with a mini-construction site for the rest of the weekend! Once Sunday rolled around, I decided that he and I needed a little pool time. So, I basically invited us to my sister's neighborhood pool that afternoon. We left Daddy behind to finish up a little closet make over that I am super excited about it! He did a great job, but it still needs to be primed and painted. 

We plan on spending lots of time here this summer, as long as we are welcome! These three little water babies had a blast. Jonah was only timid for about 5.2 seconds and not nearly long enough for me to get used to the cold water! 
Andrea + Benjamin

Aren't Puddle Jumpers the best thing ever? Jonah and Benjamin barely meet the weight requirement for them - so we still have to be extra careful (some might say over protective) in the big pool since they have a tendency to float to their backs while wearing them, but they are a huge help in teaching them how to kick and paddle without having to worry too much about their heads dipping under. Jonah even got to practice holding his breath by accident a few times and did really great! Now if I could just get him to not ask me every ten minutes if he can drink the water... the answer no. never. is obviously not sinking in.

That night we ate our dinner outside and watched the birds flock to Jonah's new bird feeder and obviously took selfies to our heart's content. We spent Monday shopping for baby brother and braved the outlet mall. We got some great deals at Carter's/Osh Kosh and found a few things for Mommy at GAP. It was a good long weekend.

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