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Bump Update | 20+ Weeks

Thursday, May 22, 2014

dress: // headband: molly gee designs

Baby's Gestational Age: 21 Weeks (5/23/14) and about the size of a Carrot! 

Symptoms: Lots of shortness of breath. Last week I was starving all the time, this week I'm extremely tired and cannot get enough sleep! 

Maternity Clothes:  A must. I feel like I am so much bigger at this point than I was with Jonah. While I still wear some non maternity dresses and tops. There's not way I'm getting into any regular sized pants! 

Gender: Boy! 

Sleep: I am sleeping fairly well, but find that I'm not getting as much restful sleep as I need since I'm waking up so tired every morning. I sleep with lots of pillows and a snoogle, but wake for the slightest things and I have trouble falling back asleep. 

Cravings: I just have a constant thirst for a COLD drink. I need ice in everything. 

Thinking Names: This is the biggest issue right now. I'd really like to give him a name. I just feel like I need to connect with him by calling him by his name, but the names on my list were ousted by my husband and honestly, I had already been kind of thinking of him with a name in mind. Until this point Wesley had not agreed OR disagreed with any of the names I'd offered nor had he suggested any himself. To say this is a frustrating topic for me, would be an understatement. I think we are rounding a corner though and he may have a name soon. Feel free to weigh in with your suggestions! 

Laughable Moments: I didn't share this with anyone, but one day last week I felt like I was going to lose my underwear. I was wearing a dress and walking through a parking lot - so I didn't want to adjust but the further I walked the more I felt it sliding... I guess I need to buy some maternity undies! 

Hard Moments: Being so very tired. Also, coming to the realization that this pregnancy is now more than halfway over and I start thinking about getting things ready and how I'm going to deal after he arrives, going back to work after, hiring someone to do my job while I'm gone. I'm just exhausted thinking about it all... Deep breath!

Nesting: Started making a plan for his nook in our bedroom and how to make it personally his and special! 

Best Moments this week: Feeling him move all the time! He's a freaking gymnast this one. 

Looking Forward To: Getting things organized and in place for his arrival. I still have a while but I love this part! 

Movement: ALL the time! 

On Mommy's Heart: I have been really emotional the past few weeks thinking about the baby's arrival, my big boy growing up, and how fast time goes by. I can't wait to hold this little guy in my arms, but that will mean my big boy is turning three and I just can't go there. I have also felt a lot of anxiety. A busy work schedule for both my husband and I has led to little time to think and talk about how our lives are changing. I actually think about it all the time, but push things to the back of my mind because there is so much to be done. I have said on several occasions though that I don't want this baby boy to get the shaft just because we've done this before! Being a second child myself, I understand how important it is to lend your time to each child's needs, to celebrate each child, and nurture them as if they are your one and only focus. Yes, he'll get hand-me-downs and sleep in the same crib, but that doesn't mean this pregnancy and baby aren't totally unique and different. I just want to remember that, so that this time is just as special as when I first became a mother. 

dress c/o this dress was sent to me as a gift in exchange for sharing a photo of it here.

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  1. You're a very special mommy! Everything about this baby will be special in a new way. Honestly, nothing compares to the first pregnancy and birth, in my opinion, but same goes for the second (and probably every one). It's new every time. The bond I have with Wyatt is so unique and special that sometimes I worry about Dylan feeling left out. But really my bond with Dylan is so special in a different way.

    I totally get where your coming from and I remember saying almost exactly the same thing before and after Wyatt was born. Don't let that concern add stress though. You won't forget about him! He'll know how much you love him and I'm sure he'll feel treasured!

    I say all this after having a bit of an emotional breakdown today because I haven't had much special time with either of them! It's a balancing act, but I'm sure you'll be great!


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