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Let's Talk Baby Names.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Can someone else just name my baby? I can't do it. It's just too hard this time around.

Yes, I have ideas but nothing 100% feels like it's supposed to be his name. I know some people wait to make that final decision until birth and others have had their baby names picked out since they were kids. I fall into neither of those categories. I have recently gotten my team on board for a little help because no one but me seemed interested until I basically threw a fit wanting to at least start talking about it. I guess being my second go 'round I know how fast this nine months flies by and naming him feels like I'm that much more ready for him to be in my arms.

horrible quality but 22 week tomorrow! 

So here are some things I'm personally considering when attempting to find a name.
  1. Does it suit our family? My husband and I have fairly common names for our generation. They aren't too traditional or unique and both have meaning. Jonah's name has a good story and it's traditional/biblical and fairly unique at the same time. I want to make sure new baby boy fits when I sign our Christmas cards - Wesley, Stephanie, Jonah and ...... (Augustine doesn't really work).
  2. Meaning I want it to be a name that means something or has a history. Whether it be a natural meaning like "River" (which my husband says is too country or hippy - he couldn't decide) or some historic meaning (biblical, family, etc). 
  3. Popularity/Trendiness I go through phases when I start hearing names and I think oh I love that, then give it a few years and there are six of them in one elementary school classroom. I feel like that almost makes me fall out of love with a name unless it's something really classic like John or William. 
  4. Spelling & Pronunciation No weird spellings or names people in the south can't say! Seriously, this is a biggie for me and kind of a pet peeve. A southern accent is one thing when it turns Wyatt into "Whiiite" but when you turn London into "Lundin" and then spell it Londyn - I'm not on board with that. That one's actually not that bad but I'm a little scared to ask (even my family) to pronounce names like Joaquin or Ewan (I really like that one).
  5. No Nicknames I understand why people do it, but I don't like nicknames as given names. I don't mind nicknames in general. I just can't get on board with Ben, Josh, or Teddy - I feel if he chooses to be a business man he'll want a real name like Theodore. It's not the shortness - I think it's the casualness of those names. 
The biggest issue is actually FEELING like it's right and having my husband agree. It's hard folks! How did you do it? I feel like it was much easier the first time around!

(These are my opinion only and my personal preference not meant to offend or be judgmental of how someone else names their child.) 


  1. Hm. Is there anyone in either of your families you could pull inspiration from? Abbie is named Abigail after my grandfather, who was Abe. It's pretty common in Jewish culture to name your child after a deceased relative, and it's something I wanted to do since he passed away in 1995. Maybe you could find a first initial you like and go from there? Naming kids is seriously one of the hardest parts sometimes! (And the reason I kind of hope we only have girls. We can agree on girl names with no problem, but not boy names!)

  2. I like Augustine! ;) We did not consider the popularity thing and found out Aiden's name was the top boy name for his year. Ha! Oh well... we just knew it was right. I have our next names picked out, but if and when I actually become pregnant they may go right out the window! I can't wait to hear what you decide on!!

  3. My suggestion is the name Noah... Both Jonah and Noah are biblical and are associated with water and since you love the beach so much, Noah seems to fit!
    -Emily (Reese's mom!)


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