The Wilde Olive Blog: Missing my little dude.


Missing my little dude.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Sunday, we packed Jonah up and drove the two hours to Wesley's parent's house, stayed for a little visiting and dinner then hit the road back home for a week of work - without our big boy! I am positive he is having a blast, but I already miss him so much.

This boy consumes my thoughts day and night. Yes, I am away from him everyday while I'm working, but I so look forward to our few hours together in the evening. Without the routine that includes him, I kind of wonder what in the world I did before him. There are plenty of things I need to be doing (and hope to accomplish) while he's away having a blast, but I can't help but wish I could still get my goodnight kisses, hugs, and a few morning snuggles.

I mentioned a little last week and on Instagram that we started potty training on Friday and MeMe is doing such a great job keeping it up. I am so proud of my boy and I will definitely be writing more about our experience next week.

While we were waiting on dinner and hanging out, I had to capture some action shots of Jonah to last all week! So.. here's the toddler version of badminton and chasing MeMe with the "racoon" (racket).

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