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Poolside Essentials including stylish baby wipes!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Thank you Huggies for sponsoring this post and keeping Moms stylish even in the messiest of times!

There's not secret over here.. I love summer time! By the photos below you may think I haven't seen the sun in months due to my pasty white exterior, but trust me, there will be trips to the pool and I'm praying for a beach in my future! With a two and a half year old and now with another little one on the way, I feel it's best to always be prepared when taking a toddler anywhere! So, as the summer approaches and we begin our adventures, it will be nice to have everything I need at my finger tips and look good all at the same time!

I, along with some of my mom friends on social media, brainstormed some must have items when taking your little boy or little girl to the pool this summer!
1. A towel that is easily recognizable as your child's because they tend to wander off around the pool. 
2. The cutest swim trunks you can find! I love these from Mini Boden and they come in a wide variety of sizes! 
3. NEW Huggies Clutch ‘n’ Clean Wipes  because you can clip them to the outside of your pool bag and have them on hand for any mess! Seriously, how cute are these little refillable wipes clutches? Go check out all the patterns! 
4. Easy Snacks! Squeeze packs are a favorite go to just to put in the bag and whip out anytime! 
5. A great cap for keeping the sun out of his eyes (and just plain looking cute)!
6. A great sunscreen to keep that little guy (or girl) protected at all times.
7. A great toy, like this lobster grabber from Melissa and Doug!

1. First things first... a cute nautical suit. Like this Anchor one from Crewcuts. 
2. Huggies Clean 'N Clutch Wipes are so cute she may as well just use them as an accessory! (more patterns available here
3. Super stylish sunnies are a must! 
4. I am in love with the Turkish Beach towel trend.
5. Sea Wees of course! 
6. Extra hair ties for the girls with longer hair!
7. A great sun hat to coordinate. 
8. The Wet Brush is awesome for getting out tangles and I just found out they made these mini sizes!
9. My niece insists that she doesn't get any water in her eyes and to keep her stylish, I think she needs these adorable starfish goggles!

Since we are on the subject of essentials, I'd like to take a minute and get back to the wipes. I always have wipes in some form in every bag I carry. I always need one in the car, while shopping, and I am planning a potty training boot camp this Friday (more on that later) but Lord knows I'll need them clipped to my belt loop then! These little clutches might just be my must have for the new baby too. How much time do I spend rifling through my purse or Jonah backpack for wipes? How many times do you forget to pack a few extras or have to carry the big pack because you buy in bulk? I am so glad we are getting to try these because they are refillable, portable - hello little yellow strap, and cute enough I'd clip them anywhere.

Jonah: Vintage Romper + Saltwater Surfers 


  1. So so cute! I love all of your choices. Makes me wish I had a tiny tot in the house still. Even though I don't have babies anymore, we use wipes all the time. I'm loving the new pouch things!

  2. SO cute and fun! I really like these new Huggies packs. I have mostly big kids but come on, wipes! We all can use a wipe or two every now and then!

  3. Love it!! And can we just talk about his little jumper for a minute?! SO adorable!


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