The Wilde Olive Blog: My Little Sister turned 30 and we had a Party!


My Little Sister turned 30 and we had a Party!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Before we get to the fact that the youngest of us is now 30 years old, let's take a time out for these beautiful Macaroons. They were made by a friend of my sister's family in honor of a special little boy to fund a mission trip (here's their story). Now, other than being absolutely beautiful, the quarter of one I allowed myself (you know the gestational diabetes thing) was delicious! Lauren sells a variety of French Macaroons at the weekly Farmer's Market in Livingston, MS which is where Andrea's party was held.

A few weeks before she turned 30, my brother-in-law recruited me for some pre-planning. We decided it should be fairly simple, family friendly (because we wanted to invite all of our baby sitters), but lots of fun for everyone. Fun for us 30+ year olds = good food, good company, and a little time to relax. Livingston is perfect because there are no roads near by this site and the lake is within view but easy to keep the kids away from.

My brother-in-law hired a guy with a guitar, had the food catered, and asked someone to bar tend. Let's just say that covers the adults. To keep the kids occupied (which trickled into the adults) we had a bouncy house (securely tied to the ground), a face painter, a photo booth, and plenty of water and juice pouches. 

We sat a picnic tables, in Adirondack chairs, and on quilts. It was hot but with a shady spot and a cold drink we chatted until after the sun went down. Simple, Sweet, and enjoyed by everyone. 

I took so many more pictures than these, but narrowing it down to show a few highlights was hard. So here are just a few... ;)

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