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Stitch Fix | for pregnancy + after | my thoughts

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Last month I was really candid about how disappointed I was in my last Stitch Fix that I almost didn't keep anything! At the end of the post I stated that I really do still love the service and that I was going to get one more and really voice my opinion about what was working and what was not. Well, I'm here to say it worked! This service really does work and the stylist are really willing to listen to you. Thanks Gracie for being one of the best stylist yet!

I know this isn't a great picture but I texted this to my sister the night I got the fix because I was so impressed. She gets her's on the same day I do usually and she was not nearly as happy with what she got, so my advice to her was tell them EXACTLY what you think of your pieces. I also have to wear business casual clothing to work and she wears scrubs and her fixes are strictly for weekend/play wear. Now, looking at this card, there are definitely some outfits here that look great but I would never wear, so I really just use it as a guide for how they mixed colors and patterns and when I'm looking for a new idea. I actually like to put outfits together myself working in some of my basics, target finds, and right now my maternity pants and shorts!

So, here's what I'm looking for as a pregnant lady and working mom. I always tell them that I like my pieces to be transitional. I want to be able to wear the tops to work as well as with jeans, shorts, or tights on the weekends. Since Stitch Fix doesn't do maternity, I look for things that I would normally wear, but will work for most of my pregnancy. The reality is, a lot of non-maternity clothes won't last me until 40 weeks, so I look for the potential of being able to wear these clothes after baby - that means while breast feeding as well as returning to work!

So let's look at the clothes!

This top is totally me. If I saw it in a store, I'd probably buy it in a white or navy, I wouldn't initially navigate to this green color (it's a little more green than turquoise as it appears in the photos) but it works with my skin tone and coloring really well. I just happened to have this pair of shorts (which happen to have an elastic waist) and I think they work great. Now lets work on my tan. 

Top: Stitch Fix / Shorts: Target/ Necklace: Stella and Dot/ Shoes: Salt Water (vintage/ebay)
Pregnancy note: You'll see below that this shirt is a little big under the arms, but I am okay with that because of the tank bras (from gap) I usually wear will compensate and it will give me growing room and be great for nursing when the baby comes. 

I added the skirt and cardigan (which I specifically requested "a summer weight cardigan"), so all three items here are from this one box, but I won't necessarily wear them this way. I am actually wearing this skirt today with a black tank and a more tailored cardigan in an off-white. I would have NEVER picked up this skirt and I'm not sure how I'll wear it after baby. Probably a little longer with tights and heels this Fall/Winter. I'd be willing to bet I wear out this cardigan. For work I just like something to cover my shoulders and I can picture wearing with with a tank and yoga pants all the time at home!  

Top: Stitch Fix / Jeans: Target Maternity (over belly) / Earrings: Noonday Collection / Necklace: Stella and Dot

This top was a complete surprise! It was probably months ago when I requested one in a lighter shade (I have it in dark green and black). I think I got the other one in my first ever box back in the early Fall, which I did not blog about. I have seen these everywhere online and one of my sisters and a friend that I referred to Stitch Fix have a variation of colors in this top. Everyone loves it!

Top: Stitch Fix / Jeans: Target Maternity (over belly) / Necklace: Noonday Collection 

Pregnancy note: I know I won't be able to wear this until the end, but I can see wearing it still for a while and definitely after!

Just a note first, I obviously should have ironed this shirt (I had kind of just put it back in the box the night before) and put a tank under it. I'm wearing totally the wrong bra and it's showing. This was my most questionable piece. I really could have probably used a smaller size in the top and I'm not really sure how much I'll wear it out after pregnancy. I feel like it will accentuate my after baby belly too much, but we'll just have to see. I decided to keep it anyway, because once I kept everything else keeping this last piece would get me 25% off. 

Top: Stitch Fix / Jeans: Target Maternity (over belly) / Necklace: Noonday Collection 

Pregnancy + after note: It will be great for nursing because it can be easily pulled down from the top without stretching it. 

So, If you are debating Stitch Fix or just wearing real clothes while pregnant those are my thoughts. I was so excited by this fix, I didn't cancel my next one, but I'm rapidly growing, so I don't know if any pieces would really look good in another month. I will certainly miss getting those monthly deliveries though!

To be completely candid, I usually don't do this, but I spent a total of $167 on all five pieces. While I wouldn't necessarily say that's a great deal. That's all I paid for all of these pieces to come to my home wear I can be try them on with MY clothes and jewelry and be silly in front of the camera. I had one $25 credit applied and because I kept all of the pieces for an addition 25% off which wound up being $57.50 off the original price. I usually tell them the cheaper the better, because well I just don't want to spend a lot on myself right now. I felt like I got good quality pieces for a fair price and it's so convenient. 

To learn more about how Stitch Fix works visit their site here.  


  1. I posted about my fix today too! I love the pieces you got and just might request that cardigan and skirt in my next box! I got the striped dolman too, but I was not crazy about it - just shows how things work differently on everyone! Good to see you can keep it working throughout your pregnancy!

    1. I just went over a looked at yours! LOVE that last skirt! That is funny about the dolman top too. I am bigger up top than on the bottom so I like how it hangs I guess. Works great with leggings in the cooler weather. I was a little worried about the weight for summer but I have a pair of linen pants I can wear it with to work (it's freezing there all year long)!

  2. Love the dolman top on you!! Perfect for pregnancy and post-partum. Or anytime really!! I got it in my last stitch fix as well :)

  3. I saw the shirt in your profile pic and I immediately wondered if you did Stitch Fix! I have the exact same top from them and I love it!! I also do a monthly Stitch Fix linky party! Stop on by!


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