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On the Go Snacks + Protein Parfait Recipe

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

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I often find myself searching for protein bar recipes or just nutritious, low carb, high protein, on-the-go snacks in general and pinning away with dreams of making my snacks for work ahead of time. Yet, somehow I wind up in the hospital gift shop checking labels and figuring out how to keep my tummy from growling until lunch time..and then again until quitting time. So, I've finally reached a compromise. This recipe is kind of a semi-homemade approach to being prepared when hunger strikes. Truthfully, just plain protein bars serve as my breakfast on occasion but this recipe is a perfect on the go snack. I have such a hard time coming up with good high protein breakfast options. (Note: If this is your first time visiting this blog, I have gestational diabetes and have with both of my pregnancies. I am diet managed, so it's imperative that I get enough protein because I'm still pregnant and starving. However, the guidelines for a diabetic diet can be applied to any nutritious diet and protein bars are especially great after a work out, run or any physical activity). Now on to this Nutritious Protein Parfait!


  • Greek Yogurt (Plain or Vanilla)
  • Blueberries (or fruit of choice)
  • Life Choice Protein Bar (double chocolate, mint chocolate, or peanut butter) -
  • Life Choice Bars coupon (while supplies last)


Layer each ingredient in a seal-able container for taking with you on the go.

It's as simple as that.


If you need to eat while running errands and don't have time to use a spoon, just toss that protein bar in your bag and enjoy while you work, after you work out, or while blogging in the evening.

I'm obviously on a blueberry kick these days and these guys were so sweet and delicious, not to mention adding a glass of Light Vanilla Almond Milk to top it off. I was left satisfied and my thirst quenched without eating a bunch of empty calories!

So needless to say, but as you can see I'm finding ways to keep my diet nutritious while still incorporating plenty of chocolate! What more could a pregnant girl ask for? 

and just a side note before you run off and make yourself that parfait, I could barely get off the Walmart cereal aisle and to my car before I had to try the bar itself. The expression never go to the grocery store when your hungry should be changed to just never go to the grocery store when pregnant. period. but pregnant and hungry is just too much. Does anyone else pull something out of the bag to eat on the way home or is that just me. Please tell me I'm not alone.

Any tips for a High Protein Low Carb snack?


  1. these are my favorite go to snacks...super healthy and super yummy!

  2. I always try to be sure to eat a high protein, low calorie breakfast. This is a great idea. Yum!

  3. Haven't tried them yet, but they look delicious! Especially with some blueberries!

  4. That really is a great snack idea for GD! I also had it with my last child, and I have a part of my blog dedicated to GD and menu ideas. I'm sure by now you're a total pro, but if you ever run out of ideas, stop by! Best of luck to you, and wish you and your baby the best!

    1. Thank you Erika! I will definitely check it out. I've thought of adding something like that here also - since I will likely have it with any other pregnancies that might come along. I was diagnosed at 10 weeks this time. So, I definitely need additional ideas because I get tired of the same old things!

    2. I hope you don't have it again! But unfortunately there's a large percentage of chance you will... however, I know of another mom that had GD with her first and then didn't with her second... So, there's hope ;) GD is so challenging (because of the amount of food and the type of balance you need to strike with each meal) that doing a part of your blog for it is a great idea. I unfortunately started my blog post-baby, otherwise it would have probably been all about it!!

    3. This is actually my second pregnancy and I've had it with both! I was diagnosed at 26 weeks with my first son and at 10 weeks this go around - so there's also a possibility I might just have the real things when pregnancy is all over since I got the 10 week diagnosis. Hope not though!

    4. Here's the link to the GD part of my site. There I have a 5 day menu for GD, snack and breakfast ideas. Those combinations were the ones that worked for me, and I was pretty much reacting to tons of things. I also found a recipe for popscicles with almond milk and fresh berries, which I wish I had known back then! With this heat, that's a perfect snack :)

  5. Okay, first, that is the cutest computer and mouse I have ever seen! Second, bless your heart for having to eat a special diet during pregnancy due to the diabetes. Finally, this parfait looks so yummy and seems like it would feel like you were "cheating". I love adding the extra protein to help keep you feeling full (as full as a pregnant lady can feel ;) ). #client

    1. The bars really do help me stay full! Chocolate always feels like cheating, but it a necessary part of my diet! lol

  6. This looks so yummy! I had the hardest time trying to find snacks that weren't the same old when I had GD...I had the same breakfast every day for 12 weeks. I'm not sure I can ever eat strawberry yogurt again! =) I'm going to add these to my grocery list because I'm still on a high protein - low carb diet because my levels aren't bouncing back like they should have after pregnancy...blah.

    1. At the beginning of pregnancy - I had peanut butter whole wheat toast everyday. Since I was diagnosed THIS time at 10 weeks it's harder to find a variety of food. I often find myself staring in the cabinet and fridge. I'm thinking I'm really not going to bounce back this time either - with the early diagnosis. blah is right!

  7. I can totally relate, but just haven't made time to make any! Can't wait to try this! Sounds and looks so yummy!

  8. So smart! Gives you a hit of chocolate with all that protein too!


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