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Preparing a Space for Baby | Plum Stitch Quilt Review

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Since this pregnancy now feels like it's flying by, I have made it my mission to actually get some things checked off my list. We are finally getting our bedroom put back together after Wesley renovated our closet and I'm actually hoping to have the crib put together this weekend and purchase a new mattress. A few weeks ago I purchased some fabric for sheets, a boppy cover, and I am going to attempt recovering the bouncy seat we have - we'll see how that goes. I also have plans to make him a quilt. My mom and I (mostly her) made Jonah a baby quilt and he uses it more now as a toddler than ever, so I've decided that I'm not in a big rush to get the quilt done and if it doesn't get done at all - no worries because we got the most amazing quilt from Plum Stitch!

Since we are putting the baby in our room, I decided to go with a pretty neutral palette but want to add a little nautical theme. I have so many ideas and I'm hoping to make them all come to life over the next several weeks.  Having this quilt, a quilt that I love, makes me feel like we have a little jump start toward baby brother having his own special little place. I thought I'd photograph it in our room, soon to be shared with baby brother, and I couldn't stop taking pictures of all the little details. I wanted to show you all how much attention to detail there is in a Plum Stitch Quilt. 

This is the corner where we will put the glider and I have a feeling this quilt will live on the glider. The main reason - it's big enough to cover mama's legs and this winter this corner will be a little drafty (old house - lots of windows in this room). 

When Sarah initially offered to make us a quilt, I was so excited and knew that I wanted the twinkle twinkle little star quilt. I picked gray for the piping and accent lettering. Don't forget to look closely because the whole song is stitched on the quilt in white thread. I love the soft, fluffy cloud like fabric and with the words, it just has that much more uniqueness and appeal.

I can't wait to tuck it around my new little guy while humming the melody that inspired his first quilt that is all his! Sarah was sweet enough to add a few little decor/lovey anchors and a special J lovey for Jonah. He said "that was sooo sweet!" Then proceeded to put all of them, quilt included on his bed. The quilt fits perfectly on his toddler bed (which is crib sized) but I promptly removed the quilt and told him it was baby brothers. Poor little guy deserves something new and all his own right?

A little more about Plum Stitch: 

"I still have the first quilt that was made for me - a worn, pink quilt with a big rabbit on it, created by a neighbor when I was born. Being able to tuck someone in with a quilt is such a simple and easy way to show your love, and I'm honored that the quilts I design and make become a part of your life."
- Sara Neal, Founder
Plum Stitch creates beautiful, heirloom-quality quilts inspired by traditional whole cloth quilts, but crafted with bright colors and a modern twist. All Plum Stitch quilts are designed and created in our Salt Lake City studio from 100% cotton fabrics, batting, and thread. Every quilt is individually made and unique. 

As a sponsor of Behind the Camera and Dreaming, Plum Stitch provided baby brother with this beautiful quilt. No other compensation was received for my opinions on the product. If you would like us to review your product or purchase sponsorship on this blog, you can find more information here


  1. I absolutely love Plum Stitches work! LOVE that tiny one with the J. So sweet.

  2. How gorgeous!!! I will have to keep them in mind for my best friends baby due this fall!! :)

  3. It's beautiful! I love how the whole song is stitched on the quilt.

  4. What a great quilt. I have three girls and would love do something like this for each of them. Thanks for sharing and congratulations on the baby!


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