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Saturday, August 30, 2014

We received a KaBOOM! Go Out and Play Essentials Pack for Review. 
All silly faces and high fives are completely our own!

Early this month as everyone was preparing to return to school we got a little reminder to spend some time outdoors! This month has been super hot, but a few minutes here and there of outside play times does a world of good for the little ones! Have I ever mentioned how excited Jonah gets when a package comes in the mail? Whether it's toys, clothes or a box of diapers he loves to see what's inside. The day our back pack arrived we happened to have a second two year old in the house who thought the package was equally cool and had a blast trying out what was inside! 

Each new thing they pulled out was equally exciting! I really enjoyed looking through the Go Out and Play book. It is jammed backed full of outdoor games. Some I was familiar with, some not, and some I'd forgotten about and wouldn't have remembered the exact rules/how you play. This is so great for a group of kiddos or even just for play at home. 

We played with each toy then I decided to modify one of the games for the age of these two little miniature back to pre-pre-schoolers. 

They sat in the grass side by side and I sat infront of them. I explained that the rules were simple. I'd through the ball to one of them and when they caught they had to shout out a color then throw the ball back to me and I'd throw it to the other one. Simple, just a few instructions to remember and kept them going for quite a while (even though we got some repeat colors). We stayed out until the setting sun and mosquitoes ran us back in!

What games do you play with your kids outdoors? 

More about KaBoom and Imagine Toys:

With every purchase from the Go Out and Play Collection, a minimum of 8% will be contributed to the national non-profit KaBOOM!. KaBOOM! works to bring balanced and active play into the daily lives of all children, particularly those growing up in poverty in America.


  1. What a great idea! Now that the summer heat is leaving we love being in our back yard to play!

  2. What a great product to take camping for keeping the kids occupied and happy!


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