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Toddler Boys Fashion | Embracing my Super Hero!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Bow Tie Raglan c/o Urban Stone Apparel 

It has been a while since I've done any kind of fashion post and even longer since I've done a toddler fashion post, so I thought I'd show off a few shots of Jonah wearing his UCbyJ Super Hero Bow Tie Raglan.

Since solidifying my place in life as a boy mom, I've decided it's probably time to embrace the side of boy's clothes that I've kind of always dreaded. . . characters. As I wrote about in yesterday's post, I am constantly learning every day from this boy how to be a better parent and part of that is embracing what he likes. It's a lot easier to let him wear his Rescue Bot t-shirt when his eyes light up when he sees it clean and folded. Nothing makes you happier as a parent than seeing their little hearts swell with joy. For that reason, I let him wear the hand-me-down super man shirt with attached cape more often than I'd really like. So, when we received this shirt from Ms. Ashley and I showed him that the bow tie was made from super man fabric - he asks to wear it now too! Ummm.... okay! I can easily get on board with character t's that are this cute!

Obviously we not only paired it with my favorite chambray shorts from Good Boy Friday and red toms, but also a box of bandaids, unbrushed hair, and a beagle bagel sticker.. ha! To top it off - some sweet super hero moves! 

How are you embracing what your kid's like when it comes to fashion?

Urban Stone Apparel occasionally provides us with clothing in exchanges for photos of jonah rockin' it! Find US on Instagram for some great discounts. I'm pretty sure this shirt is on sale this week! Jonah is wearing a size 2t and has growing room.

"To the rescue!!"

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